Hardware Brands

Vape hardware manufacturers develop innovative, more and more powerful, capable and alluring vaping devices in order to be compatible in the ever-changing vape market. Choosing a suitable mod, tank, accessories or a starter kit depends a lot on personal preferences of the vaper. But there are some hardware brands that are among leaders.



SMOK company is the best one among both most powerful and compact devices manufacturers. In addition, their mods and atomizers are convenient in use, classy looking, and are capable of producing massive vapor and good flavor.



GeekVape stands out for professional engineering and innovation. They deliver a wide range of devices from basic to complex. GeekVape knows what vapers need and imply this into the production of their devices.



Voopoo is known for creating stunning vaping devices for advanced and beginning vapers. Their Gene chips became a legend among enthusiasts for their extremely quick ramp-up times and quality.



Vaporesso is a premium vaping brand known for its quality and innovation. Backed by one of the strongest hardware developers team this brand keeps ahead of the competition for many years in the row.

A full vaping hardware brand list below is the largest in the whole USA. Here you will find giant brands as well as small, new brands with few products in their portfolio. Nevertheless, some of them are true diamonds waiting to be found and enjoyed.

528 Custom Vapes logo

528 Custom Vapes (6)

Advken Logo

Advken (7)

Alur Logo

Alur (2)

Ample Vape Logo

Ample Vape (3)

Arctic Dolphin Logo

Arctic Dolphin (2)

Arizer Logo

Arizer (6)


Arymi (12)

Asmodus Logo

asMODus (27)

Aspire Logo

Aspire (79)

Asvape logo

Asvape (5)

Atmos RX logo

Atmos RX (9)

Augvape logo

Augvape (17)

Blitz Enterprises Logo

Blitz Enterprises (2)

Blu Logo

Blu (6)

Bo Vape Logo

Bo Vape (6)

Boulder Rock Vape Ecig

Boulder (2)


Coil Master (7)

CoilART logo

CoilART (27)

Cync Vape

Cync Vape (3)

DaVinci Vaporizers Logo

DaVinci Vaporizers (3)

Desire Logo

Desire (11)


Digiflavor (26)

District F5ve Logo

District F5ve (1)


Dotmod (16)

Dovpo Brand

Dovpo (4)


Efest (17)

Ehpro (3)


Eleaf (100)

Envii Vape Logo

Envii (17)

Eonsmoke Logo

Eonsmoke (7)

Firefly Vapor logo

Firefly Vapor (2)

FreeMax Logo

FreeMax (12)

G-Pen Logo

G-Pen (5)


GeekVape (53)

GHOST Vapes Logo

GHOST Vapes (1)

GhoSTick Logo

GhoSTick (2)

GTRS Vape (4)

Hangsen Logo

Hangsen (8)

Haze Vaporizers Logo

Haze Vaporizers (1)


HCigar (23)

Hellvape Logo

Hellvape (11)

Hilo Vapor

Hilo Vapor (1)

Hohm Tech Batteries

Hohm Tech (2)

horizon tech

Horizon Tech (23)


IJOY (98)


Indulgence (3)


Innokin (83)


Joyetech (114)

Juno Vape

Juno Vape (0)

JustFog Logo

Justfog (4)

Juul logo

JUUL (13)


Kado Vapor Logo

Kado Vapor (2)



KandyPens Logo

KandyPens (2)


Kangertech (71)

Kilo 1K (11)

Komge Logo

Komge (3)

Kwit Stick

Kwit Stick (2)

Laisimo logo

Laisimo (13)


LG (5)

Limitless Mod Co Logo

Limitless Mod Co (19)

LNK Vapor (7)

Lost Vape logo

Lost Vape (20)

Magic Flight

Magic Flight (2)

Marvec (1)

Modefined Logo

Modefined (3)


MXJO (2)

My Von Erl

My Von Erl (26)

myJET Vape Logo

myJET Vape (4)

Myle Logo

Myle (5)


Nitecore (10)

OBS Technology logo

OBS (21)

OhmBoyOC Logo

OhmBoyOC (1)

Oumier Logo

Oumier (2)

OVNS (12)

Pax Labs logo

Pax Labs (3)

Perl Vape Logo

Perl Vape (2)

Phix Vape logo

Phix Vape (12)


Pioneer4You (22)

Project Sub-Ohm logo

Project Sub-Ohm (11)

PuffCo Logo

PuffCo (2)

Recoil Logo

Recoil (2)

Reload Vapor (2)

Rev Tech logo

Rev Tech (3)

Revenant (2)

Rig Mod Logo

Rig Mod (4)


Rincoe (3)

RiP Trippers (2)

Rofvape logo

Rofvape (2)

s6xth vape

s6xth (1)


Samsung (2)

Sanyo (2)

Secret Sauce (6)


Sense (24)

Shanlaan Logo

Shanlaan (4)


Sigelei (57)

Smoant logo

Smoant (21)

Smok Logo

SMOK - Innovative Vaping Hardware (161)

Smoking Vapor

Smoking Vapor (4)

Pod System Manufacturers

Besides, today pod systems are becoming more and more popular because of its ease of use and high portability. They are considered to be the next generation of vaping devices. Most popular brands providing such devices are JUUL, Phix, Suorin, Envii.

Generally speaking, for hardware brands, it seems important today to put attention on several aspects while manufacturing their devices. For mods, the main aspects are various working modes, safety functions, user-friendliness of interface, ergonomics, clear and large OLED displays, and high power capabilities. If to speak about atomizers, most important features are ease of builds, vapor and flavor production, e-juice capacity, and high quality coils utilization.

Choose your perfect vaping brand and the vaping device you need.