Terms And Conditions

Introduction To Vape Drives Terms And Conditions

Please pay attention and read our company‘s terms and conditions before using this website. All the clients should agree with the following terms and conditions. If the client does not agree with the following information, please leave the site.

Age Restrictions

You must be of the legal smoking age in your state to use products that are displayed on Vape Drive.

Products legality in your state

Vape Drive is a price comparison website and can’t take any responsibility or give the guarantee of the sale or purchase at any state. It’s a responsibility of user and seller to know the status of the product in states where the product is being sold or purchased.


All the data (including descriptions, links, and documents)  situated on vapedrive.com is a property of the Vape Drive LLC. Any usage without the company permission in the interest of profit is strictly prohibited and may cost penalties.

Cookie Policy

Vape Drive is using “Cookies”, by using this website you agree with it.


Vape Drive LLC and its website vapedrive.com is a company which provides information and does not sell products by itself. Regarding that, Vape Drive LLC does not take any responsibilities for:

  • Product warranty
  • Any side effects caused by products you purchase from retailers
  • Any spoilages regardless if it is manufacturing defect, transportation damage or it is damaged by the client
  • Accuracy of prices
  • Delivery time, price, or assurance
  • Description of the product
  • Transactions between the client and seller

Link Removal

If you noticed any links that you believe should not be placed on VapeDrive.com, please send us a message with details here.


Products listed in vapedrive.com are not suitable for any kind of treatment. Before using them, clients should consult their physician or another specialist. Vape Drive LLC does not take responsibility for any kind of health issues caused by devices listed on the website. By buying the product, the user takes the full responsibility.


In order to use Vape Drive LLC services (including vapedrive.com), clients must be at the legal age of using tobacco products or nicotine products in general. Laws depend on the state client are living in. Vape Drive LLC does not take responsibility if a client who is under the legal age of smoking uses products found in vapedrive.com. To remind again, Vape Drive LLC DOES NOT SELL PRODUCTS BY ITS OWN. The website is made to provide information about the product and to address clients to other shops.


As stated above, Vape Drive LLC only gives directions to other e – shops where clients can buy products. However, it is a need to mention that some of the products listed in vapedrive.com contains Lithium. This component is rated as unsafe if used inproperly. Vape Drive LLC wants to remind you:

  • Do not leave Li – on cells unattended while charging
  • Do not charge them with low – quality charges which are not suitable for them (you can find where to buy appropriate ones in com)
  • Do not place them on any surface which tends to fire up easily (wood, paper, carpet etc.)

Once again, Vape Drive LLC does not take responsibility for any health issues caused by the products listed in vapedrive.com


When using Vape Drive LLC services, the buyer takes all the responsibility for the act of buying and using unless the seller has its own Terms and Conditions which states that buyer‘s and seller‘s deal are based on their agreement.
When using Vape Drive LLC services, the seller takes all the responsibility for the act of selling, delivery, and all the warranty issues.


All the images and information used in vapedrive.com is for description purposes only. The actual product color and other features may vary depending on manufacturer‘s/sellers changes.