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Shenzhen Fest Technology Co, LTD was established in one of the most influential cities when it comes to vaping. This, of course, would be Shenzhen, as can be guessed by the name of the extremely popular battery brand. Efest has the focus to create the best possible Li-ion rechargeable batteries and chargers for all kinds of devices. This list not only includes vape devices, but also everyday items, like flashlights, power tools, Bluetooth devices, solar and emergency lighting, cordless phones, walkie-talkies, and much more. They’re using a wide range of different battery types, including LiMn (IMR), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), and LiFEPO4.

Quality and responsibility are very important to them. This is why they focus heavily on bringing the best possible products and are not afraid to point out their discoveries. Due to their focus on these attributes, Efest has been able to become a very popular brand that continues to grow to this day. All of the items Efest sells comply with RoHS, UL, CE, UN38.3, MSDS, etc. Also, all of their factories comply with ISO9001 / 2000. They own a huge amount of factories and about 90% of all of their products are exported overseas. They’re one of the most well-known companies when it comes to chargers and batteries.

Efest’s Team:

Efest is a joint-venture company that was invested by the DCB group and also from the technology team in Canada, Hong Kong, and Japan. They have a large team that includes thousands of workers. They are constantly improving the company and breaking the limits of what is possible. They’re a very large brand, so their production is entirely automated. However, there is a large group of people always trying out new things in their research labs. Whenever they make discoveries, they try and include them in what they’re making, usually increasing the efficiency of their chargers and allowing batteries of the same size to hold more power. New materials may also improve their products. They make conductivity better and create cheaper products for you to buy and for them to make

Efest’s Devotion:

Since 2011, Efest has been devoted to crystalline LCD chargers. They’ve been making more and more improvements to allow them to charge batteries faster and use less electricity. They’re a very kind group that focus on gains for the customer, not just them. Efest is nice enough to replace vape batteries within three months of purchase if something isn’t perfect, and chargers within three years of purchase. This guarantee is a gift to those that buy their products, not because there’s a chance of them not working correctly. They want the user to always be satisfied, even if a product unexpectedly breaks.

All of the products that Efest makes are carefully tested in all kinds of tests for efficiency, durability, limits to performance. This is quite good news for you because you’re getting better stuff. You also save tons of money because you don’t need replacements. Even if it were, Efest has got you covered in that aspect, too.