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Smok is the part of ShenZhen IVPS Technology Co Limited, and they are currently the most successful brand. They’re professionals when it comes to creating products that are new, and manufacturing the ones they’ve already made. Smok, or Smoktech, was founded in 2010. Since then, the brand became really popular in the electronic cigarettes industry. The service of customers is very important to SMOK Tech, which is why they have such a high rating. They’re very innovative, creating many products that have reshaped the industry they’re part of. Because they created a Dual Coils Cartomizer, almost every single other brand was forced to use these dual coils. They brought exceptional performance and efficiency that’s never been seen before.

What really popularized them was the creation of variable wattage and voltage. Today, almost every single vape mod can have these values adjusted. They’re the creators, so obviously know how to use it well in their own products. Smok is now the very first brand to create a vaporizer that uses Bluetooth – the Smok BEC Pro. The mod may be connected to a phone, where the user can use an app to view their device’s statistics and adjust settings. This is very useful because it leaves room for other features on the mod to make it even better; there’s no need for certain features on the mod because all you need is a phone. Such innovation gives room for Smoktech to become even greater in the future, maybe even the best of the best.


The main goal is to make vaping an activity that’s safe and enjoyable to everyone. Vapor production and endurance improvements to their mods and tanks make vaping look cool and feel good. It’s even better when you know all of the products you use from Smok are heavily tested to be safe. They have many workers testing things like durability in their headquarters. They even do tests to see what can actually break their products, and then backtrack to make them impossible to do. Use of special coils, hardware, and setups make their products produce an amazing taste.

SMOK Quality Reassurance:

The quality of their products is completely unbeatable. They’re partnered with more than 30 different companies, ensuring Smok’s products can easily be bought in your country. All of their products come with a warranty, so even in the unlikely event of something not working properly, you can easily get a replacement and get back to vaping. Users can easily submit their ideas to them and they’ll get approved by an actual team of people. If enough people want something, Smok will give it to them. Smok always strives to follow their own motto – “Success starts where it ends…With the customers”.


Smok has produced many amazing products in the past, with big plans for the future ahead. They possess many different patents for their amazing ideas, and they deserve it. They always follow through and listen to the customer. Smoktech’s team uses all available resources to make every customer happy, with free warranties and excellent support. Also, if you want a product from an extremely talented and trusted brand, make sure to check out some of Smok’s products.