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Shenzhen HCigar Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen HCigar Technology Co., Ltd is a brand that was founded in 2011. Their headquarters is located in the same place as many other great brands – Shenzhen. They’re a company that does all of its research, manufacturing, and selling on its own. When it comes to quality, they make sure it’s one of their big focuses. Many tests are taken to make sure all of their products are durable and capable of being used for a large amount of time. They’re also a very innovative company, bringing about all kinds of new ideas to stimulate the vaping industry. These two elements have caused them to follow every single regulation and certificate, including IOS9001, CE, UL, and quite a few more. HCigar focuses on creating great products that turn smokers into vapers. They do this with all of their capable yet affordable products. They’re quite amazing!

The caring people at HCigar aim to create vape products that are aesthetically pleasing and aren’t dangerous to the user in any way. They want their customers to be happy because it makes them happy, too. The innovative concepts that are used in the creation of these box mods and vape tanks are quite different when compared to other brands. They’ve taken the electronic cigarette and completely reinvented the idea in order make it better. fashion is also quite a huge part of their ideas because they certainly don’t want to release products that people would be too embarrassed to use in public. HCigar has become so big, they sell things to over 40 countries worldwide. This includes everything from Hong Cong all the way to the USA. They’re just an awesome group that has really made a mark in a previously unpopular market and made it one of the best.