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Eleaf Electronics Co., Ltd. was established is the same place as many other popular vape brands, Shenzhen City, in the year 2008. With constant effort and spirit to improve, Eleaf has been able to become one of the most well-known companies in the business. By using proper coordination with their distributors, they have been able to increase their popularity worldwide to amazing heights. All current Eleaf  members are making a huge effort to bring their customers the best vape experience possible, constantly breaking barriers in order to do new amazing things new amazing things. Eleaf even supports OEM and ODM applications, in which they are able to meet different distributors’ needs, giving them an even bigger popularity boost.

They promise to create all kinds of new products in the future to cater to their many fans. Their goal is to constantly improve their designs and service until they make the world a better place for vapers.

Honorable Products:

The iStick series have been designed and produced by Eleaf, and it’s own of the most well-known products on the market. The iStick Mini first launched in 2014 and was instantly a great success. After the amount of recognition they earned, they kept releasing more products into this series, including the iStick 20W, iStick 30W, and the iStick 50W. When temperature control became a new sensation, Eleaf quickly jumped on the bandwagon and created the iStick TC40W, the iStick TC60W, and the iStick TC100W. These new additions quickly made the series one of the most well-known and boosted the sales of other Eleaf products.

Another great series from Eleaf is the iJust vape kit, coming with a massive 2600mAh battery capacity without ruining its appearance or weight. It uses the dual coil EC head, which lets it create much bigger clouds and better flavor. The direct output is also a nice touch, catering for the beginners of vaping. The lower the battery is, the lower the output voltage becomes. There were a few more iJust products that were released, like the 1300mAh iJust Start and the 1600mAh iJust Start Plus. They were nice because they came with quite a few colors to choose from, appealing to beginners.

IStick Temperature Controlled Products:

Their first iStick kit to come with the new temperature control element was the iStick TC40W, which allowed for a new kind of vape. The new feature allowed the user to adjust the temperature of which is used on the inside of the device, removing dry hits and all kinds of other problems. Even though it was considered a tiny device, it still managed to reach an impressive 40 watt output and contained a huge 2600mAh battery capacity.

Then, another device was released, similar but improved in many fashions – the iStick TC60W. It came with magnetic covers that could be removed, allowing the user to change out the 18650 battery instead of always charging the integrated battery. The covers could have a different color, which let the user make their device stand out. The temperature control was also better, now allowing the use of Ni200 Nickel and Titanium coils. The max output was improved to 60 watts, too.

The iStick TC100W is their last product to be mentioned. It included all new modes for each of the coils used, including TC(Ni / Ti / SS / TCR), VW, and Bypass Modes. It was more safe to use because of the hidden firing button. The output was improved to 100 watts, but the user could also upgrade all the way to 120 watts.