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Joyetech is one of the first electronic cigarette producers in the world, being launched in 2007. They were actually the first ones to use the Changeable System and the Tank System, things that most products from everywhere use today. Joyetech managed to think of some very innovative ideas, and apply them to their own products and eventually change the entire vape industry. They were also the ones who introduced the myVapors software, which tracked the user’s usage of their device and allowed them to share results with others and look at their habits with the use of a computer. They are constantly working to create smarter and smarter technology, wanting to reach a stage where e-cigarettes are the perfect blend of art and technology.

Joyetech has members of their team all over the world talking to users and finding out what they want and then using their resources to make it a safe and qualitative reality. They test all of their products, including vape juice, to be safe for the user. The main focus for them is ensuring that the customer is always happy, and has what they want. With support from the public, Joyetech has been able to release 200 different flavors five years after their launch and are still making popular new e-liquids to this day. Specialized machinery allows them to test all of their products in real life situations to check for quality, performance, and overall reliability.

To make their products of the highest quality, they test raw material strength and make sure all parts work perfectly together with more testing. The motto they live by is “details control the whole”, showing off how important quality is to them. It’s always been one of their main focuses, even in the beginning, and they hope that this changes them in the future for the better. They have the best advantages in the market due to the following reasons:

  • A revolutionized production process
  • Development and research of automated equipment
  • Intelligent management
  • An excellent team

A Revolutionized Production Process

There is always new technology being created in order to make vaping better, almost every day. This makes it hard to make the whole process of making every product with only machines because there would always be a need for new machines, and that’s impossible to support. Joyetech’s solution to this is creating a manufacturing method that involves automated work, handmade work, and semi-automated work. This makes the production line very good, with benefits from automated and non-automated production.

Development and Research of Automated Equipment

Joyetech believes that an efficient automated process is necessary throughout the whole factory, which is why they’re slowly making it the only way of producing. The sheer number of customers makes this a must. Joyetech is doing their best to research and create a way to do this, and making suppliers do the same.

Intelligent Management

Keeping tabs on everything and monitoring overall efficiency makes the whole factory work better. Joyetech has noticed this after trying it for multiple years, and they find it makes their products much better. This is because more care is put into everything, and software can show human error and make it possible to be fixed. Joyetech uses these Softwares because it makes it easier to follow safety procedure. The use of software makes sure your product is safe to use.

An Excellent Team

Joyetech has an amazing team. They are responsible and use teamwork create products in the best way. They make the factory comfortable for workers, and they make sure that the employees enjoy working there. The better the company does, the better it is for them. If the business treats the workers as the family, then the workers can call it an actual family business. The workers are given honesty and are treated kindly. This makes the workers produce better products because they enjoy working in such an environment.