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Vape Mods

Vape Mods

Vape Mods are PVs (personal vaporizers) that usually comes with a larger battery and more advanced features. It’s called a mod because it will allow you to modify your vaping sensations in many different ways. These mods come in a variety of shapes, allowing different components to be featured in different styles. The shapes range from box-like all the way to easy-to-hold cylindrical mods. Basically, a mod is a regular electronic cigarette on heavy steroids. It will usually be larger and might cost a bit more but it’s all due to the fact that it comes with much more power to allow you to experience the best of vaping. They’re also a bit harder to understand due to the increase in features. That’s why you want to be familiar with vaping before buying one.

A mod is supposed to refer to a mechanical mod. These don’t have any sort of circuitry which makes them simpler devices when compared to APVs. Pressing the fire button creates a physical connection between the battery and the coil, which is how the heat is created. We highly recommend to know the “ohms law” before using any type of mechanical mod.

Example of Vape Mods

An example of a really good mod is the iStick Pico 75 Watt. It’s created by the brand known as Eleaf and functions very well for its size and price. It’s just 45.2mm by 23.2mm by 70.6mm yet it outputs up to 75 watts of power. Also included is a 0.05 to 1.5 ohm resistance in temperature control mode and a 0.1 to 3.5 ohm resistance in variable wattage mode. This is the resistance that the device has when it comes to coils. The temperature control feature allows you to choose between a 200 to 600 degree Fahrenheit output. Lower temperature vapes are a bit smoother but sacrifice vapor production. You should experiment with it and see what fits you. The Pico uses just one 18650 battery to function, meaning it’s easy to carry replacement battery if you will need. Just get two batteries and vape with one while the other is charging.

The previously described Pico is just a really great device and shows you what a good mod looks like. You want it to be effective so that your vaping will benefit. It’s good to get a bigger mod for better results but that’s not always necessary as there are plenty of powerful nano mods.

How to find your best mod?

To find the best device you will have to answer to few questions which will help you to make the right decision.

Battery Type

First of all, answer the main question: do you want a mod with replaceable batteries, if yes, how many batteries your mod will hold.
For mods without replaceable batteries, select the filter “Battery Capacity” and adjust it to find your preferred mAh level.
For vape mods with replaceable batteries, chose the type and number of replaceable batteries on the left.


The second question is power: mods up to 100W output are usually smaller in size, batteries will last you longer. But if you’re after huge clouds, you can be interested in much more powerful devices, there are mods capable firing over 300W and those can create truly big clouds in seconds.


Not the last answer you want to have is the price that you want to spend on your mod. Vape Drive is very handy here. Filter products by prices and you will find really good deals as many stores are running promotions all the time and with the help of Vape Drive it’s very easy to track them.

We wish you good luck when choosing your perfect vape mod, enjoy it!