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Vape Mods

Vape Mods

Vape Mods are PVs (personal vaporizers) that come with a larger battery and also many cooler features. It’s called a mod because it resembles the look of a flashlight but slightly modified. It can also be due to the fact that they used to be called modified electronic cigarettes. These mods come in a variety of shapes, allowing different components to be featured in different styles. The shapes range from something box-like all the way to an easy-to-hold cylindrical mod. Basically, a mod is a regular electronic cigarette on steroids. It’s must larger and might cost a bit more but it’s all due to the fact that it comes with much more power to allow you to vape better clouds. They’re also a bit harder to understand due to the increase in features. That’s why you want to be familiar with vaping before buying one.

An APV is an advanced personal vaporizer. These come with circuitry, wires, and a few other electronics parts. The wattage and voltage of these devices are almost always adjustable by the user, allowing them to customize their experience. Other APVs are even more advanced, coming with features that allow them to function very similarly to a smartphone. A firing button is present on each APV. When it’s pressed down, a tiny bit of electricity is passed to the battery so that it functions and gradually heats up the coils. This then creates vapor.

A mod is supposed to refer to a mechanical mod. These don’t have any sort of circuitry which makes them simpler devices when compared to APVs. Pressing the fire button creates a physical connection between the battery and the coil, which is how the heat is created. These days, the word “mod” can refer to either an APV or a mechanical mod.

Example of Vape Mods

An example of a really good mod is the iStick Pico 75 Watt. It’s created by the brand known as Eleaf and functions very well for its size and price. It’s just 45.2mm by 23.2mm by 70.6mm yet it outputs up to 75 watts of power. Also included is a 0.05 to 1.5 ohm resistance in temperature control mode and a 0.1 to 3.5 ohm resistance in variable wattage mode. This is the resistance that the device has when it comes to coils. The temperature control feature allows you to choose between a 200 to 600 degree Fahrenheit output. Lower temperature vapes are a bit smoother but sacrifice vapor production. You should experiment with it and see what fits you. The Pico uses just one 18650 battery to function, meaning it’s easy to keep vaping. Just get two batteries and vape with one while the other is charging.

The previously described Pico is just a really great device and shows you what a good mod looks like. You want it to be effective so that your vapes will benefit. It’s good to get a bigger mod for better results but that’s not always necessary. You also want your mod to be stylish and comfortable so that you feel good while using it. It also doesn’t hurt if your device has a few extra features, allowing you to customize your experience or maybe do things more conveniently.