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IPV Technology Co., Ltd. (Pioneer4You) is a company that focuses on everything vape related. They were established in Shenzen, China, and their main headquarters is located there. Pioneer4You is always doing their own research in order to make their tanks and vape mods better. They also produce all of their products, with their goal to produce only the best products to their customers. The main focus for them is to create products that benefit their customers and make them affordable to make and sell. Safety is also a huge concern, with their products being completely tested to be nonhazardous to the body and safe to handle. They can take heavy criticism, and use it in order to make themselves better. This, in the end, brings better items for the consumer to buy.

Pioneer4You also handles their own sales, development, and service, making them the ones in complete control. The innovative products they’re created have been shipped all over the world, including the following countries:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Germany
  • England
  • France
  • Spain
  • Poland

But that’s not it! Popularity has allowed them to ship amazing products to almost every country in the world, satisfying hundreds of thousands of customers. Continued perseverance allowed this brand to create the iPV series, one of the most acclaimed chains of products in the whole vape market. The managers of the company have been able to make the factories a great word environment where people are always happy and constantly making vaping a more popular activity. The whole goal is to make the world a better place for everyone, where tobacco products aren’t as prevalent. So far, they’ve been doing an amazing job slowly making that a reality.

iPV Kits:

All of the iPV products that were created by Pioneer4You include the YiHi chipset. No other brand uses this amazing chip. These chipsets all have the system where five quick clicks of the firing button turn the device on / off. This is very useful because space is saved when a switch of some sort doesn’t have to be implemented. Also included is a lock mode, where settings cannot be changed when the plus and minus buttons are held for five seconds together. This is also extremely useful, removing the chances of accidently changing the settings when you hit your sweet spot.

The chip also supports a 0.96 inch OLED screen, which is about 50% bigger than that of the DNA chipset. This also way more information to be displayed on the screen without looking ugly or choppy, also a welcome addition to the YiHi chipset. The touch sensor fire button may also be turned off by the user if needed.

Alternate versions of this chip support different minimum atomizer resistances. For example, the YiHi SX330 v1 has a minimum resistance of 0.3 ohms, while the YiHi Sx350 can be fired down to 0.1 ohms. Either way, every version of the chipset has amazing features that definitely set it apart from others. It’s engineered and produced by Pioneer4You, proving that they are an extremely capable and innovative brand in the industry.