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Vape Tanks

Vape Tanks

There are a few different kinds of vape tanks and each one has a slightly different function and different capabilities depending on what they’re made of. For people who vape, these are known as atomizers, clearomizers, glassomizers, and cartomizers. They are made up of a heating element and some sort of reservoir to hold e-liquid. They’re quite amazing products because when mixed with a lithium battery, they become vaporizers that can be used to blow clouds with a variety of vape juices. The different kinds of tanks can also fit different people’s budgets, needed resistance for their mod, special delivery method requirements, and more.


Plastic (also known as polycarbonate) tanks a quite inexpensive to make yet they’re quite capable. The first tanks were made out of plastic and the simpler tanks are still made out of it to this day. Another great thing about this material is the durability it offers for you. Plastic is a material that is made by man using a variety polymers that are found on this planet. These polymers include PVC, nylon, polyethylene, and a few other great ones. The best thing about plastic is that it can be molded to any shape imaginable while it’s soft before it becomes rigid and permanently stays in that shape unless broken by some outside force. This is why plastic is known to be man’s perfect material.

In the case of vaping, however, plastic may not always be perfect. Certain vape juices are very acidic and may crack your tank. It’s also possible that the juices may cloud up your tank and make it ugly. With flavors like passion fruit, root beer, or even hot cinnamon, it’s recommended you use either a pyrex glass tank or a metal tank. The pyrex material gives a nice heavy feel and usually comes with an interesting design that can improve airflow and overall give you a better experience. However, these tanks can easily break when dropped. This is why stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum is the best here. It mixes the best elements and overall has the best look.

Types of Tanks

Disposable vape tanks have really good performance and can be bought for an ultra low price. The obvious downside is that the atomizer burns up quickly and the wicks don’t last too long. Once one of those is out, the tank becomes useless and has to be thrown out. Rebuildable tanks can be reused if the atomizer is replaced. There are slightly more expensive but are worth it in the end. There’s usually screwing involved in order to change the coil head but it’s better than going out and buying a whole new tank. Coil heads are quite cheap so you can change them whenever you need to without worrying about a strain on your wallet.

There’re wicks and cartomizers, each with its own effect on taste. You also have the choice of ohms. The lower the ohms of your tank, the hotter the vape becomes. If you want a vape that’s smooth and easy to handle, it’s recommended you go with a higher amount of ohms. The final choice in a tank is whether it has a single coil or dual coil, and where those coils are located. If there are two coils, the vape will produce more heat and flavor but will obviously cost more. If the coils are closer to the mouthpiece, the vapor will cool down less before you inhale it. This means your vape may also be hotter because of that. Bottom coil designs allow you to pay less attention to remaining juice without hurting your coils or wicks / cartomizers.

There’s a very large selection of tanks that can fill a very wide audience. Most popular tank manufacturers: Kangertech, Aspire Vape, iJoy, Innokin, Smok Tech.