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Innokin Technology Co. was founded 2011, starting with a 10,000 square meter factory in Shenzhen, China, similar to Kangertech. They were created with the goal of becoming the best the company with the best vaporizers in the world. All of their products are extremely durable and reliable due to their astounding innovation. They take feedback from users to create what they want and adding their own twist to it to make it even better. Innokin always follows certifications to make sure their products are the highest quality. Some of these certifications include GMP, CE, ROHS, ISO9001 and ISO14000, FCC, and more. They had accumulated a total of 49 patents for their products in 2015, and in 2016 they’ve managed to get way more, all the way to 172. Innokin has created a bunch of platforms, including the following:

  • iClear
  • iTaste
  • CoolFire
  • iSub
  • Lily
  • Gladius
  • Innokincell

Innokin vaporizers and tanks, along with e-liquids, are currently available and being sold in over 5,000 vape stores all around the US. The company hosts many meets in order to go get closer intertwined with other producers and vape specialists to always improve. Their amazing products are sold all over the world, but primarily in the United States due to popular demand. It’s recommended to at least try their products; the technology and its capabilities are amazing, dominating a majority of its competition. They’ve supported troops in Afghanistan before in their meets, showing that the care for the good of mankind.

They’re happy to hear about all of the people who quit smoking to start vaping, and how it positively changed their lives. They service you, and they do this with all of the “easy to use” technologies they put in their products. Innokin wants vaping to be a safe and pleasurable experience, and every day, they make this an even bigger part of their thinking.

One of Innokin’s most revolutionary items was the iSub. It came with a large 4mL capacity that could be used in sub-ohm vaping. It had amazing flavor and vapor production, but what made it so revolutionary was the “No Spill Easy Swap” system. The system made removing the vape coils very easy and made it impossible for spills to happen. The material used was also very nice, making the tank last for very long amounts of time.

Another very success Innokin product was the Cool Fire IV Vape Mod, bringing together some really neat features together in a small package. It came with a huge 2000mAh battery and a 40 watt maximum output while only being 86mm tall. A bunch of other safety features and add-ons were added to make it blow even better clouds. It was so good, Innokin made much more versions of it later.

The iSub Apex Vape Tank is another great example because of how simple yet effective it is. It came with a 3mL capacity for e-liquids, Prism+ Flavor Boost Technology, and Solid Spin Top Fill, along with the previously mentioned No Spill Coil Swap System. The Prism Flavor+ Boost made the tank create some of the best flavors on the whole market, blowing away what people thought was possible. To make it even better, the Slide Spin Top Fill system made the tank perform better after refilling. The system also made refilling way quicker and easier for the user.