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Kangertech brand information

Kangertech is one of the pioneers of vaporizer manufacturing, established in China in 2007. Due to its innovative designs and personal goal of always improving, it expanded from China all the way to North America and Europe. Kanger almost never fails to meet the 14000 standards of the international environmental management due to their persistence in making inventions that are completely safe to every user. They’ve been making some of the highest quality and best value products on the market from day one, and they’re still at it to this day.

Kangertech has a headquarters located in Shenzhen, where thousands of workers try to improve all aspects of vaping. There’s a huge cubicle office that has people making calls and getting products out to all potential products due to their high demand. Three thousand workers work the assembly lines to create as many products as possible, with careful attention towards quality. Kanger possesses many machines that test a variety of aspects of their products, including:

  • Product Temperature Resistance
  • Battery Wattage
  • Puffs Before Needing to Charge Battery
  • Safety of their Products when they’re Delivered Worldwide

All Kangertech Resources To New Users

Kangertech has put all of their resources together to create amazing products that are safe, effective, and wallet friendly. They were one of the best suppliers more than 8 years ago and are still up on that throne to this day. Today, they make products like the, K-PIN,Togo Mini and Kanger Vape Coils that are specially crafted to excel with all of their clearomizers. Kanger’s products are all fairly simple, which is why they strongly appeal to beginning vapers and first-time users. They’re very reliable when it comes to product quality and shipping speeds, making them a go-to for trying out new concepts and inventions from the vape business. Kangertech truly deserves their position right now due to how much they care about their products and customers.

The Legendary Products

Kangertech gained recognition from advanced vapers due to their Subtank. The thing that made it such a selling point was its use of Organic Cotton Coils and airflow control, boosting vapor production and flavor to new, unseen levels. This made the Subtank very pleasurable to use and many users wouldn’t accept anything less. After the Subtank debuted, all of Kangertech’s sales increased exponentially because the user’s recognized that Kanger  could do what many brands couldn’t – improve previous inventions in an innovative manner.

Best Products

The DRIPBOX 160W Squonk Kit is another product that reinvented the wheel. It came with a 160 watt maximum output with two 18650 batteries and temperature control, but what really separated it was its 7mL capacity with a squonk. Essentially, owners of an RDA have to constantly carry around a vial of vape juice to drip into the RDA deck when vaping, but squonking completely removes that. The DRIPBOX 160W is the first product to bring this squonking to the general public (other squonk kits were super expensive), which made Kangertech that much popular.

Another innovative Kanger product is the Pangu Sub-Ohm Tank. It comes with a 3.5mL tank capacity with a 22mm diameter and full chamber coil design, along with a 50 watt maximum capable output with the coils included. All of these premium features are put inside of a very inexpensive tank, proving that price does not equal performance. This tank caters to beginners because it allows them to start out with a small output and keep vaping with higher outputs until they reach one that some advanced users even use today.

The Cupti is one of Kangertech’s All in One Systems. It features a 75 watt output, temperature control, a 5mL tank capacity with threaded top fill, dial 10mm by 2mm airholes, and an OLED Display, all on a trim 50mm by 22.5mm by 82mm. This product once again proves how innovative Kangertech can be, putting all of that on such a small device. This is also one of the first products that are able to output up to 75 watts with just a single 18650 rechargeable battery. The Aluminum Alloy, Zinc Alloy, and Glass construction make it very durable and last for an amazingly long amount of time without scratching or breaking.

The fourth innovation of Kangertech is the EVOD PRO MTL System, bringing together a 22mm diameter, 4.2V DC Output, 4mL tank capacity, and dual 2mm top airholes in an extremely cheap yet high quality and trim vape pen. It’s safety features and simplicity make it a perfect candidate for beginner use. With a price under thirty dollars, it’s a wonder how Kangertech manages to make such an effective product and earn a profit, while some competitors that come with one or two extra features cost double or more.

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