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Vape Coils

Vape Coils

If you’re new to vaping, then chances are you probably have a lot of questions! In the next few minutes, we are going to go into some more details about what vape coils are, what coils are made of, and what role they perform inside your vape kit or vape tank.

The coil is responsible for heating the e-liquid or e-juice and turning it into a vapor which is inhaled through the mouthpiece of the e-cig or vaporizer. Coils are available in a wide variety of different styles, sizes, and resistances all of which produce vastly different results. Coils started off very small and compact, working with a high resistance, but over the last few years; they have evolved into vastly different sizes and specifications.

Vape Coils Today

Coils are now usually much larger and more complicated inside yet simpler to install. Larger coils which heat larger amounts of e-liquid also operate at much lower resistance or ohms. With coils operating at lower resistance levels, vapers can achieve much larger amounts of vapor, and also more intense flavor profiles from their e-juice or e-liquid.

Coils are commonly made from Kanthal Wire, Stainless Steel Wire, Nickel, Nichrome, and Titanium.  The three main types of coils available for vapers are simple to wire coils, Clapton wire coils, and Notch coils. The wicking inside the coils is what absorbs the e-liquid or e-juice and is most commonly organic cotton. Ceramic coils are becoming more popular thanks to the more efficient performance when e-juice is low.

How to find your coils

It has been never easier to find not only the best deals but the actual coils too: on the left hand you will see filter, where you can select your tank and all compatible coils, will appear on the page.

You can also look by the type of coil, select “Coil Type” to see the options.

We hope this information will help you to find the best option for you!