Beard Vape Co. No. 05 30ml

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Beard Vape Co. No. 05

What in this world makes you more satisfied and guilty at the same time than a cheesecake? A calory bomb which is so tasty that no one can resist. However, Beard Vape Co. knows how to bypass calories but experience this amazing taste. And the answer is simple – just try Beard Vape Co. No. 05.

What is No. 05? It is a code for yet another astonishing vape juice from Beard Vape Co. range. The brand is known for creating decent vape juices which taste exactly the same as written on the bottle. Beard Vape Co. No. 05 is not an exception. It is an e-liquid similar to Chanel No. 5. Both of them have incredibly delicious fragrance yet No. 05 vape juice also has a tasty flavor. Let‘s get to ingredients hiding in the bottle. The dominant flavor which will hit you is cheesecake. Super creamy and sweet confectionery will excel any sweet tooth expectations. On the exhale, fresh notes of luscious strawberries will come up to mix with a cheesecake. In conclusion, these two ingredients combined will give a sweet and sugary yet fresh and watery vape. Definitely worth trying.

The creamy Beard Vape Co. No. 05 comes in a 15ml and 30ml glass bottles with squeeze dropper. Variety of nicotine levels is: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg. VG/PG ratio is 60/40 and it is more suitable for the mouth to lung vapers yet everyone will like it. No. 05 still produces a pretty decent amount of vapor but because of higher PG concentration, vapers will be able to experience a strong and tasty flavor. Worth trying for everyone who likes desserts.

Beard Vape Co. No. 05 summary:

  • Bottle Size: 15ml or 30ml
  • Available Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg
  • Flavor Profile: Cream, Cheesecake, Strawberries


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40% PG/60% VG