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Beard Vape Co

Beard Vape Co

Beard Vape Co is an exceptional brand when it comes to quality and flavor of their electronic cigarette liquids. It started as two brothers and one friend working together in the back of a vape shop in Venice, California. Brady and Casey Bates and Colbey Pfund discovered that they can make vape liquids that are as good as the ones they sell. These three men then created one hundred different flavors over the course of a few months and numbered each one. People were allowed to come into Nina’s Vape Shop just to try out all of these liquids, and many people did just that. Customers were asked to rate and give feedback to each of the flavors they tried so that they could pick the best ones. People gave feedback to so many of the flavors they were able to identify each one just by number.

The three flavors that were chosen were number 5, number 32, and number 88. These became the original flavors that these three guys sold to vapers. They like to say that it was actually the customers who created the flavors because, without them, they wouldn’t be as known. The name “Beard Vape Co. was chosen because of the father of the Bates brothers. Their father had adopted the nickname of “Beard”, something that both catches your eye and just sounds plain cool. They tried thinking of a brand name on their own but nothing quite stuck as much as this one. Plus, it’s a name to have a name that actually means something to the owners. Due to the popularity of their first three flavors, they released three more of their flavors over the course of a year with the same naming strategy – number 51, number 64, and number 71.

Popularity and Flavor Examples

Due to continued perseverance to bring vapers a great experience, Beard Vape Co is one of the most popular brands. Close to a million people from all over the planet use these flavors to enjoy blowing clouds. Also, this great group of people hopes to expand in the future. They want their customers to always be happy, which is exactly why they want to bring more to the table. They haven’t released much information about these improvements because they want to astonish the people who enjoy their products.

One of their most popular flavors is number 34. It’s a 60vg to 40pg mix that’s definitely one of the best. It tastes exactly like a delicious cinnamon funnel cake that has been freshly made for you to enjoy by a professional. It’s sweet with a very obvious cinnamon taste that just makes your mouth water. You’ll never get enough of the delicious taste and will always be begging for more.

Another popular vape juice is number 05. It comes with the same 60/40 mix as the previous example but with a taste that’s just like a cheesecake. This cheesecake has strawberries on top to become one of the finest dessert flavors on the market. It’s not too sweet but will definitely please your taste buds.