Arymi CHC Atomizer Heads

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The Arymi CHC Atomizer Heads are not only high quality, but also very effective at bringing you a pleasurable vape experience.

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Arymi CHC Atomizer Heads

The Arymi CHC Atomizer Heads come with the Arymi Armor Tank to create a match straight from heaven. These awesome coils are high quality so that you rarely have to replace them. The chances of them to malfunction or be nonfunctional out of the packaging are also reduced down to nothing. You can have peace of mind that you’re getting a great product. The atomizer heads are made out of aluminum-zinc, able to endure harsh conditions and all kinds of corrosion. Also, it’s very rare for them to ever rust. For the heating material, 316L Stainless Steel wire is used. This allows it to be used with either variable wattage or temperature control, with impressive results in both cases.

The coil uses pure Japanese Organic cotton for the wicking, improving the flavor quality immensely. Each individual atomizer also comes with its own drip tip. Extra care was put into the drip tip so that it’s as effective as possible while also being very convenient. The CHC vape coils also are easy to handle when it comes to inserting them into the Armor Tank or exchanging them. Overall, these coils have one of the best mixes of quality, performance, convenience, and price.


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Additional information

Coil Resistance

0.3 ohm, 0.5 ohm, 1.0 ohm

Coil Types

Stainless Steel (SS), Nichrome (NiCr)

Works With

Arymi Argo, Arymi Armor