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Smok TFV16 Sub-Ohm Tank

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For all who are looking to get a tank with a huge e-juice capacity – the TFV16 sub-ohm mesh tank by SMOK is the right answer. Exquisitely designed similar to TFV series tanks, this one offers extended and improved vaping without a frequent need to refill. This tank can hold up to 9ml of e-juice, it is the largest capacity tank from SMOK. They say it’s a return of the King. After taking a close look, we agree, this might be the best tank SMOK has ever made.

SMOK TFV16 coils can be found here.

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SMOK TFV16 King of the Mesh Tanks

Measuring 27mm in diameter at the base and 28mm at the airflow ring, 64.5mm in height, SMOK TFV16 boasts a high base to provide more space for redesigned airflow. Vapor and flavor production efficiency is taking vaping to a whole new level. The tank features a 0.17ohm TFV16 mesh coil and a 0.12ohm dual mesh coil. Additionally, the 0.15ohm triple mesh coil is released and will be available for purchase separately. Thanks to a push and pull system, coil installation is mess free, fast and simple. Made of Nickel-chrome blend and featuring a honeycomb structure, the coils heat e-liquid very fast and at the same time evenly ensuring the best vaping experience. The TFV16 comes with a gold-plated 510 thread connection and a 16mm resin drip tip. For your selection, there are 6 different color finishes. Exciting tank with the largest ever e-juice capacity from SMOK.

TFV16 King Colors

It’s always good to have a choice, the team at SMOK never forgets about it. The King tank is launched in 6 vibrant color combinations. Black tank traditionally comes with red O-rings visible through the glass. In this series, red O-rings are tastefully used in every color combination. The red tank has a slightly muted color which works well in combination with a black, yellow and orange drip tip.  This is the most relaxed looking tank out of 6, it will work nicely on brighter mods in almost any color combination. Blue tank with a black and blue drip tip and red O-rings is a sharp looking combination. Gold tank with red silicone rings and dark yellow drip tip combo was a popular setup of Prince tanks, it’s good to see that Smoktech brought it back to this King tanks selection. Stainless Steel the most reserved option but thanks to red O-rings and a little bit of color effect on the drip tip professionally saves it from looking a bit boring. Rainbow tank is the most vibrant and exciting to look at. This tank is exactly what you want on the sunny summer day when vaping cool e-juices.


SMOKTECH TFV16 King Tank Colors

Updated top filling cap design

Among multiple updates, SMOK TVF16 has e-juice filling mechanism update. Traditionally SMOK tanks have a gasket around the filling holes. With TFV16, SMOK took the opposite approach. Now the gasket is placed at the bottom of the top cap. By doing this, SMOK gives users the best of both worlds: easiest and fastest to open and close top cap which SMOK fans love so much since it was introduced years ago, and a big filling hole, as easy to use as it can get. The push-to-open locking mechanism is kept for the additional level of protection.

Updated Top Cap Design of SMOK TFV16


Upgraded airflow system

The wide diameter of the tank and larger body structure with raised base enabled SMOK designers to give this mesh tank much larger airflow intake holes. Measuring 14mm*2.6mm two airflow slots provide an amount of air, perfect for huge and flavorful vapor clouds. Especially with  0.17ohm Mesh coil and widely opened intake holes, pushing wattage to the limit will leave you with the unmatched vaping experience.

SMOK TFV16 Upgraded Airflow System

Gold plated 510 connection

For the maximum efficiency in power circulation, SMOK designers made sure no power is going to be lost or restricted when vaping TFV16. Gold plated 510 pin with sturdy fixation to the body was selected as the most reliable option. The pin has a very little moving distance to keep it tightly connected with the main body. The idea behind this solution is to keep the build stable even after multiple removals of the tank from mod which usually loosens moving parts and effects the performance.

SMOK TFV16 Gold Plated 510 Connection

Exclusive TFV16 Drip Tip

Series of new drip tips designed especially for TFV16 tank is eye-catching. Every drip tip is different, giving the whole setup unique and elegant appearance. Sitting on the steel cylinder with two silicone o-rings, new drip tips features a wide 16mm diameter. Together with a redesigned airflow, widely opened coils, drip tips are playing important final role in vapors journey towards the lungs.

16mm Resin Drip Tip

Smok TFV16 Sub-Ohm Tank Specs and Features:

  • Size: 27mm base diameter x 64.5mm
  • e-Liquid Capacity: 9ml
  • Mesh Coil 0.17ohm / Dual Mesh Coil 0.12ohm
  • Top-Filling
  • Available Colors: Red, Gold, Blue, Stainless Steel, 7-Color, Black Planting

Content of the box:

  • TFV16 Tank
  • Pre-installed TFV16 Mesh 0.17ohm coil atomizer head
  • TFV16 Dual Mesh 0.12ohm coil atomizer head
  • Protective Silicone sleeve for a bulb glass
  • Replacement tube glass
  • User manual
  • Bag with spare O-rings

Package Contents

Recommendations if using your tank/coil for the first time:

Apply some high VG e-juice on threads for smoother assembling. By doing this you will prolong the lifetime of the main moving parts of the tank. If you’re using coils which come with this tank for the first time, make sure to prime cotton properly. High power levels are going to be used when vaping with this tank, you should make sure there is no dry cotton left before filling the tank. To extend the lifetime of the coil head, use only one flavor e-juice. Sweet and sour e-juices tend to shorten the lifetime of coils.

How to pay the best price for SMOK TFV16 King tank online:

Are you looking to buy TFV16 and save some money at the same time? Check this page daily or at least weekly. Once more online shops have the same product, one or more will be running a sale of the tank at the same time. This is where Vape Drive will help you, it will show you who has the best price at any given day.
Leave the comment below about your experience with this tank to fellow vapers.


6 reviews for Smok TFV16 Sub-Ohm Tank

  1. Josh

    Mesh .17 atomizer kicks lots of flavor

  2. Mike

    Paired it with my Mag mod, works good, large capacity, great price

  3. Rafael S

    OU. I was very pleased with the purchase of this tank. Smok is a good and trusted company. I specially chose a tank with a large volume and this 9ml is a record of all that I saw. I liked the wide raisin driptip and convenient refilling of the tank (the top does not unscrew but moves, you can use it with one hand) it tastes great on a 0.17mesh coils. Airflow is enough even for 100 watts vaping.
    I will recommend to friends!

  4. Brenden S

    +with such a tank rda is not needed.
    +150W a lot of clouds and taste.
    -high flow rate
    -width is bigger than my mod

  5. Amari

    very tasty tank. convenient filling with liquid. chose the best price

  6. Alisha

    Awesome tank. Chucks great clouds and had great flavor

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Rainbow, Black, Blue, Gold, Red, Stainless Steel

Tank Features

510 Connection, Acrylic Drip Tip, Airflow Control, Glass Tank, Removable Drip Tip, Top Filling

Tank / Atomizer Diameter


Tank Capacity


Coil Types

Mesh Coil

Coil Resistance

0.12ohm, 0.15 ohm, 0.17ohm