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Pachamama is a tropical fruit line-up of e-juices from Charlie’s Chalk Dust company. These fruit-based flavors are your ticket to exotic islands. While vaping you will feel like you are lying on the beach under the sun somewhere near the sea and eating juicy tropical fruits. Pacha Mama series comes with 4 delicious mixtures of flavors. Strawberry Guava Jackfruit, The Mint Leaf, Mango Pitaya Pineapple and Peach Papaya Coconut. All blends are awesome! Each flavor note accompanies well the other creating an incredible melody of flavors. Sweet, juicy and mouth-watering. If you like exotic fruits, it will be a pleasure to vape such e-juices during the day.

Pachamama is a true tropical fruit burst, which will cover you with a wave of exotic enjoyment. But not only flavor is amazing. Pacha Mama is a high VG e-juice line-up. What does it mean? No doubts about cloud chasing opportunity. By the way, you can choose a nicotine level according to your needs. 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg are available. Besides, these fruity Pachamama e-juices come in 60ml glass bottles. The stylish light-colors design will capture your attention. Also, these bottles have safe child-proof squeeze dropper cap. If you like complex and unique flavors, you should definitely taste Pacha Mama e-juices. Try to recognize each fruit in various fruity mixtures, which Pachamama offers.