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Charlie's Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a cutting edge vape/e-juice liquid that has taken the country by storm. The brand gets its unique name from a man named Charlie who worked as a door to door solicitor during the 1920s. After receiving a visit from a philosopher, Charlie began to see how he could use flavor combinations to create something wonderful. Charlie received a piece of paper which contained a few recipes that had not been seen anywhere else. When the brand’s founders came across this piece of paper the Charlie’s Chalk Dust brand was born. Its founders referred to transcendent potions as chalk dust, completing the brand’s unique name. The brand’s website conveys the message that its products are simple but satisfying.

The difference between Charlie’s Chalk Dust and most other competing brands of e-juice is that Charlie’s focuses specifically on flavors other brands don’t carry. New flavors are often introduced to the vaping market, such as Banana Pancake, Orange Champagne, and Strawberry Ice Cream, among others.

The general consensus among the public is that the brand’s most popular flavors of e-juice are Dream Crèam and Slam Berry; at a Texas Vape Rally Slam Berry was named the “Best in Show,” among e-liquid flavors on the market today. The brand’s “Headbangin’ Boogie” was voted the best fruity flavor at a Vape Night event held in Ontario, Canada. Slam Berry and Dream Cream are often sold out at many online retailers that carry the Charlie’s Chalk Dust brand. When it was first released, Dream Cream quickly became the overwhelming favorite flavor among e-cigarette smokers. Slam Berry is well loved and has been praised by those in the industry for its natural strawberry flavor.

Other seasoned vapors have endorsed the brand’s Peanut Butter & Jesus and Honey Badger as being the best. Among the most positively reviewed flavors by those who use and love the brand is Mustache Milk and Trueberry Sugar & Knife. Mustache Milk and Honey Badger are consistently rated as mouthwatering. Smokers who have a sweet tooth often prefer the Trueberry Sugar & Knife to other flavors. Mustache Milk has been described as tasting like a bowl of Golden Grahams and is often praised for its very creamy flavor.

The Charlie’s Chalk Dust products are divided into two collections; Black Label and White Label, with White Label being the newer of the two. The majority of the brand’s most liked flavors are included in the Black Label collection while the White Label Collection includes flavors such as Drama Swirl and Wonder Worm; which has received positive reviews from the brand’s customers. It is so popular that one employee of Charlie’s has admitted that the company can’t make more Wonder Worm fast enough.

Having created a unique line vape juice liquids, Charlie’s Chalk Dust has carved out a name for itself in a competitive industry. Many smokers have fallen in love with the brand’s flavors and go out of their way to purchase their favorite flavor whenever they can.