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26650 Batteries

26650 batteries are 26mm by 65mm, allowing them to store a bit more electricity. They’re a bit less popular than their 18650 counterparts. This is because it’s a bit more difficult to create a wide battery then it is to create one that’s skinny. Most manufacturers just make their batteries longer than 65mm in order to incorporate more juice. This is why 26650 batteries are a bit more expensive. But like previously mentioned, they are able to hold more electricity which means more use before recharging. Also, not ever single vape device accepts 26650s. This is why you want to make sure you know exactly what your device requires before buying batteries. Incorrectly handling batteries is a huge hazard and can end badly. Basically, if you want more capable batteries, use these. They’re more bang for your buck than other batteries used for vaping. Try them today!