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What are e-cigarette refills?

Ecigarette cartridges, cartomizers, prefilled tanks and vape pods. They all are various kinds of refills. Typically, they come pre-filled with the e-liquid.  Essentially, e-cigarette cartomizers are small containers that comprise a nicotine solution mixed with several other ingredients and an inbuilt atomizer. Cartomizers and cartridges are usually screwed onto your vaping device. They are used with your e-cigarette starter kit when it has already run out of initial filling. Using cartomizers is relatively cheap. Once you’ve bought your standard e-cigarette starter kit, then you just need to buy refills when needed. You usually buy several at once as they typically come in packages of 3-5. Also, e-cigarette cartomizers stand out for simplicity and convenience in use. Mostly, they are disposable. If to speak about prefilled tanks, they always come with the e-juice inside. Besides, they are even more comfortable because of the possibility to hold rather big amounts of e-juice.

New Generation Of Vape Refills

Speaking about refills, we can’t but pay attention to vape pods. Vape pods are the newest type of refills. They become more and more popular today among vapers. They are used with vape mods. Convenience in use – that is what vape pods can be proud of. You just need to slide it in the vape mod. And you are ready to go. What is more, vape pods guarantee even more flavorful vaping and great vapor production. That is why this kind of refills definitely worth trying. Vape pods being a new generation of refills can enhance your vaping experience.

Advantages Of E-cig Cartridges

In general, one of the major advantages of e-cig cartridges lies in the opportunity to change flavors while vaping. It will take you a few seconds to change e-cigarette cartridge, pre-filled tank or other refill and enjoy another delicious flavor. A perfect option for those, who do not like to vape one flavor for a long time. Speaking about nicotine levels, we can note the following. Whether you need a nicotine free one or with low, medium or high nicotine contents, vape refills can provide any. But the range of nicotine strength available depends on the brand you choose. Some have wider ranges than others. The same about flavors. There are various options to choose from. Different brands offer different flavors: fruity, tobacco, menthol etc. Today one of the most popular refill brands, which can provide high-quality products are Blue, Gamucci, Njoy, Intellicig, Juul, and others. They will please you both with a great quality and diverse flavors.