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Yami Vapor

Inspired by the spirit of East, Yami Vapor brand develops delicious e-juices. This brand presents unique extraordinary dessert flavors, which will excite vapers. Based in the USA, Yami manufactures its products on a high level. It offers two flavors: Butter Brew and Taruto. While vaping these e-juices you will feel the right amount of sweetness. If you are a fan of delicious desserts, don’t miss an opportunity to pamper yourself with Yami Vapor vape juices. Creamy, rich and smooth. Doesn’t it sound tempting for you?

Yami Vapor brand creates its products to make your sweet dreams come true. As well, they do a good job in terms of vapor production. E-juices by Yami come with a 70VG/3PG ratio. That is why you can enjoy both amazing flavor and dense clouds while vaping. Speaking about packaging, Yami brand offers nicely designed bottles in a cupboard packages. To get an e-juice in a premium package is always pleasant. With Yami vape juices you will have this opportunity. 60ml Chubby Gorilla Unicorn bottles are decorated with fascinating anime illustrations, plunging you into the spirit of Japan culture. All in all, Yami brand produces amazing dessert flavor e-juices which come in alluring packages. Yami Vapor e-juices is must-have for all dessert flavor lovers.