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Vista Vapors

Vista Vapors

Vista Vapors is one of the largest e-juice brands in the USA. E-liquids of Vista Vapors are unique in a sense that the people who work to create the flavors focus on the whole experience of vape, not only on the first impression. These are some of the best American-made e-juices you’ll find out in the range of Vista Vapors, so be sure to give them a try! They create a huge range of different flavors, that’s why they’re so unique amongst brands with two to ten flavors. There’s an e-liquid that anybody who vapes will enjoy, from beginners to cloud chasers. The brand creators believe that creations of theirs are solid and who gives a better test to the brands than time. Vista Vapors is around for many years. They’re willing to stand behind the quality of all of their products due to the effort they put in to make the brand this successful.

Vista Vapors Flavors

Moreover, all of the e-liquids are made in the United States of America. This brand has all of the certification needed to sell and create electronic cigarette liquids, which means they’re a fair business, making everything as legal as it can be. Vista Vapors focus on the selling whatever customer wants at the best possible values. Vape juices are sold in 17ml, 32ml and even 128ml bottles. These e-juices are so unique because you can customize them by yourself. The variety of the nicotine levels you can choose between 1.5mg all the way up to 18mg and also can choose between regular or boosted flavors. You can’t beat Vista Vapors for the price!

Few of the Vista Vapors flavors are candy, dessert, drinks, fruit, menthol and even tobacco. The best part is, that you can blend your own flavor from a list of 100 unique flavors. The top five blends are Fruit Explosion & Sweet n Fluffy, Strawberry & Bold Menthol, Vanilla & Cream, Blue Raspberry & Lemon Lime Twist and Peanut Butter. Choco-Caramel Cream. You can’t really go anywhere wrong with such a huge variety of high-quality flavors.