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Uwell is a well-known company that manufactures hardware for vapers. This includes items such as replacement coils for vape tanks, as well as atomizers and other necessary accessories.

One of the products the company sells is the Crown Sub Ohm Tank, a tank like no other on the market. This was the first product the company marketed when they launched in 2015. The tank comes in a kit that also includes a replacement quartz glass, three coils, one set of rings, a warning leaflet and an instruction manual. The tank holds 4ml of e-juice at once. Its dual coils result in a better flavor e-juice than one would experience otherwise. Its air flow system has been praised because it is easy to adjust and boasts holes large enough for the to flow through freely.

Uwell utilizes its own technologies in the product, making it both unique and valuable. It is made of stainless steel and quartz glass and is built to last. One of its best features is the adjustable airflow ring found at the bottom of the tank. Using Japanese organic cotton in the coils and high quality stainless steel wires it produces flavors other tanks can’t beat. The crown is designed so that users can fill it from the bottom or the top. There is only one other crown on the market that allows users to do this.  A RBA coil can also be purchased separately to be used with the crown. Some consumers have complained that the RBA coil should be included in the purchase of the crown.

The Uwell Crown 2 is an improvement on a product that many consumers are already satisfied with. It was released the year after the original Uwell Crown and has been ranked as among the best. The differences between the first and second versions of the product are based on consumer feedback. Its versatility has made it popular among electronic cigarette smokers. Consumers have been pleased with the fact that the updated version of the product has redesigned coil heads. A locking screw was also incorporated into this new version. One issue that affects consumers is the fact that the size of the coil heads was changed for the second person. The second version is said to produce  more vapor than the original version did, pleasing many consumers. It also uses a lower wattage so that the flavor of the e-liquid is just strong enough without being overwhelmingly strong, a common complaint among vapers.

Some consumers have complained that the coils on the second version are too tightly wound, leading to  users experiencing dry hits that compromise the quality of the e-liquid flavors. Other consumers have come up with the solution to this problem by using a straight pin when changing the coils. Aside from this issue with the coils, the Uwell Crown 2 has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from those who have tried it. The brand continues to provide high quality vape products.