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The Mamasan

The Mamasan is a new but a well-known brand out there in the vaping community. A new company the Mamasan was founded in May 2016. Handcrafted and bottled straight out of Los Angeles. The Mamasan offers four amazing and unique flavors. The first one is the Bruce Leechee e-juice. The Bruce Leechee contains the taste of mango and crisp lychee, this one is a perfect for that summer vape. The second one is the Guava Pop. This e-juice contains the taste of Asian guava hard candy and peach. The third one is the A.S.A.P e-juice. The A.S.A.P e-juice contains the flavor of tart green apple candy, strawberry, and peach. Last but not least, the fourth e-juice. The Purple Cheesecake, it contains the flavor of a rich, creamy and delicious Filipino style blueberry cheesecake.

All of the e-juices that were mentioned above are made in the USA. All of them comes in a 30ml or 60ml glass bottles of your choice. The Mamasan e-juices has available nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. But that’s not all because the juices produce a lot of vapor because they have a 70% VG / 30% PG ratio blend.

They have grown with the vaping community since 2016 to become who they are now, the brand itself is quite new but are doing a great job.