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One Hit Wonder E-Juice

One Hit Wonder E-Juice

One Hit Wonder E-Juice is one of the fastest growing brands to ever make a move in the vape market. They release some of the best e-liquids without huge price tags. They started out in one of the most popular states in the USA – California. All of their products are handcrafted right in Los Angeles. They’re all extremely high quality and only use the most natural ingredients available. This includes TruNic that’s completely grown here at home and also extracted liquid nicotine that’s pure. The juices they produce all have a cartoony feel that will make vaping a very enjoyable experience. Another great feature about their juices is that they have dessert flavors that taste like the real thing. Every flavor you buy will taste exactly as is marketed but in vapor form. Not every brand is able to achieve this so it’s awesome that they can.

March of 2015 is when One Hit Wonder E-Juice first got noticed by the whole world. They released their most popular flavor at that time – the Muffin Man. People all over the world noticed that their juices are impressive and the sales of the company went through the roof. Even when the demand was high, One Hit Wonder E-Juice took their time manufacturing the juice so that they don’t tamper with the record-breaking formula. Not only was the flavor good but so was the pricing. It’s amazing that such a high-quality mix of ingredients could sell for such a low price! As time went on, they released more vape juices that also gained tons of recognition all over the community. They raised the expectations of e-liquids to new levels on the whole entire market through smart pricing and attention to detail. Try them today and you won’t regret it.

The Prestigious Flavors are Great!

Their first flavor, the Muffin Man, was also their most popular ever. It comes with a nice mix between a sweet apple and warm cinnamon muffin. It tastes like it’s fresh from the oven and it’s amazing how powerful and noticeable the overall taste is. During the inhale is where you’ll feel the immense muffin and cinnamon flavor. It tastes as if grandma just used her famous recipe to make you a batch of these great dessert treats. On the exhale, your taste buds will be hit by the taste of a sweet apple. The apple tastes as if it was freshly picked after an amazing season with nice weather. The apple is perfect in taste. You can almost imagine how juicy this apple would be if you bit into it.

Another one of One Hit Wonder E-Juice’s successful flavors is Milk Man. It mixes strawberries and other fruits together with cream to create a sweet and powerful dessert taste. On the inhale, you’ll taste all of the strawberries that are part of the mix. There aren’t any strawberry flavors that can match this. Next, on the exhale, you’ll taste all of the other fruits in a tart along with a cream body that will definitely make your taste buds happy. If that doesn’t sound good, I don’t know what does.