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Moo E-Liquids

Moo E-Liquids is based in Sunny Orange County, California. They started selling their amazing products in December of 2015. They specialize in milk, a flavor that’s a part of ever electronic cigarette liquid they sell. The use of milk makes the juices soft, sweet, and filled with amazing flavor. There are a variety of different milk flavors the Moo distributes to people all over the world for the pleasure of vaping. Each of the flavor profiles they’ve created satisfies a certain group of people, making sure there’s something for everyone. In order to allow huge clouds with tons of flavor, a high VG blend is always used. The beautiful custom bottles they use also set them apart as creative and looking to be aesthetically pleasing. Try one of their awesome milk e-liquids and see if you’re one of their newest fans. You definitely won’t regret giving them a try!

Flavor Example

Strawberry Milk is one of the most popular flavors created by Moo E-Liquids. It’s quite simple yet manages to make itself iconic. The mix of creamy milk with fresh strawberries make it an awesome choice when you’re looking for a tasty vape. Anybody can get a kick out of it because of how simple yet effective it is at pleasing your taste buds. Upon inhale and exhale, you’ll get a taste of both of the main ingredients of the flavor, making it overall taste like a high-quality smoothie with finely blended milk and strawberries. Like previously stated, this vape juice has tons of VG, meaning you can vape it extremely smoothly. Once you buy one bottle, you’ll definitely want to give this awesome brand another go. The other flavors are just as high quality! Give these milk-enthusiasts a try today and take your body on a blissful journey.