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Mello Buddha

Mello Buddha

If you are a vaper who loves something exotic, unique and refreshment, then Mello Buddha e-juices are special for you. Mello Buddha was founded in Irvine California by a wonderful group of accomplished people united by one idea to make and produce e-juices. All e-juices are produced by Liquid Sciences, one of the famous leaders in mixing technology. MelloBuddha can boost the high-quality of e-juices with natural ingredients.

As for the flavors of e-juices, these are incredible and you won’t leave indifferent after vaping MelloBuddha e-liquids. Buddha created and produced 5 kinds of e-juices and you might feel various blends of unique and refreshment flavors with natural ingredients.

Except for amazing flavor characteristics of the e-juices, this brand ensures a great vapor production with a hint of a throat hit. All the e-juices by MelloBuddha come with 70/30 VG/PG ratio blend.  Also, Mello Buddha offers their e-juices with different nicotine levels strength from 0 to 6mg.

Moreover, MelloBuddha stands out for its originality in the design of the bottle. You can purchase Buddha e-juices in a handmade Bamboo bottle with an engraved name and Buddha. Each bottle is truly unique and unusual. Besides, you can observe the squeeze dropper on each bottle.

So, if you want to find yourself in the tropical paradise with Mello Buddha e-juices, then hurry up and enjoy these exotic refreshing e-juices!