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Jam Monster

Jam + Butter + Toast. A happy formula of delicious flavor. Jam Monster e-juice manufacturer has used it to craft one of the best sweet flavors ever. This American brand presents a collection of awesome flavors for sweet lovers. 3 flavors, which are very popular on the vaping market. Strawberry, green apple, and blueberry. Surely, you have caught from the brand name, that the main flavor is jam. Strawberry jam, apple jam and blueberry jam in combination with freshly-baked toast and slight warm butter notes create unrivaled sweet flavor e-juices.  Yummy morning taste, which you can enjoy all day long.

Together with delicious flavor enjoyment Jam Monster brand allows producing huge clouds. Their e-juices come with high VG contents. It results in thick vapor production. Also, you can choose a nicotine level according to your needs. By the way, the design decisions for packages will impress you. Jam Monster stands out for bright green, blue and red bottles with creative and funny illustrations. You will definitely pay attention to such attractive colorful bottles. Moreover, these amazing chubby gorilla bottles contain 100ml of e-juice. Thanks to large volume, it will not end too fast. Besides, in a package, you will also find free Cotton Bacon bits. All in all, once you have tried an e-juice by Jam Monster, you will forever stay their fan.