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GeekVape is one of the newer brands in the vape industry, established in 2015. But just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s inexperienced. The location of GeekVape is in Shenzhen China, the same place as almost all other prestigious brands. They gain most of their support from experienced and enthusiastic vapers because of how innovative their products are. GeekVape members put their focus on superior research and development. They only release the best products possible to the public, which is how they’ve been able to become popular so quickly. With the focus of new products also comes undying quality. Everything that the brand sells is tested to be able to withstand the harshest handling. Because they’re tested in an environment that’s much worse than what a day to day customer might see, the chances of them breaking through use in the real world are highly unlikely.

GeekVape focuses on creating original products in order to get rid of clones in the industry forever. Certain companies might sell a certain product that they deem to be a higher quality version of something that already exists, but these tend to be cheap knock-offs that don’t even function very well. GeekVape makes sure that nothing of that sort is released by them, and they promote the end of these kinds of money schemes. This brand aims to make the electronic cigarette industry much more enjoyable and successful by releasing the best products and always catering to as many customers as possible. Currently, GeekVape designs and manufactures the following items:

  • Vape Mods
  • 521 Tabs
  • Atomizers
  • Cotton
  • Wires
  • Master Kits

GeekVape’s Success

This revolutionary brand has been able to amass an amount of popularity that ancient companies couldn’t have. This is all thanks to six different features that are part of the brand. These would be a concentrated goal, curiosity, steadfast patience, awareness to detail, cooperation, and keen observation. Together, they created tons of popularity for the brand. They influence each other, so if one component isn’t incorporated properly, the whole system fails.

Concentrated Goal

Everyone who is part of the team strives to make vaping more popular, safer, and more enjoyable, as previously mentioned. The customers realize that this is all they’re about, so the company prospered because of the trust it builds with the consumers. Also, everyone has the same goals, so they end up working together, which leads into the second topic.


The people involved are always working together. They never get selfish, and always focus on the company prospering. This makes GeekVape more like a team than business, which boosts overall sales and opportunities to expand.

Awareness to Detail, Keen Observation, and Steadfast Patience

Because extreme cooperation exists, individual members of the brand must pay close attention to small details not only in their products but in their workforce, too. If somebody is slacking and not doing what’s expected, GeekVape makes sure that this person gets back on track and continues doing their part. This goes hand in hand with keen observation, obviously. Keen observation just means that the everyone is always making sure that everything is where it needs to be at all times. Everyone also learns from their mistakes to improve. Because of that, everyone is very patient with what they do.


Sometimes, workers get curious, and they try new things that they normally wouldn’t do. This might create something completely new in the market, thus gaining appeal from, more consumers. New, innovative products are what people want, and GeekVape knows that. With all of these principles, this brand has gone from zero to hero in a time much shorter than other companies.