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Frosted Vape Co

Frosted Vape Co is a premium vape juice brand that started out in California. They create really awesome flavors of juices that many people all over the world have enjoyed. They don’t make many electronic cigarette liquids, but of those that have been released have sold very well. A good example of one of their eccentric juices is the Frosted Nilla Nade. What’s interesting about it is how it mixes a sweet flavor with a sour flavor but manages to pull it off very well. First, you taste lemon on the inhale. After that great flavor hits your taste buds, you’ll then get some vanilla ice cream on the exhale. It’s surprising how awesome it tastes! It’s a juice that’s 70% VG and 30% PG, meaning you can vape it very smoothly. The Frosted Nilla Nade is a great example of one of Frosted Vape Co’s products, and there are more!