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Flawless Vape

Flawless Vape

Flawless Vape is currently one of the most successful brands when it comes to producing e-liquids. They were established in 2013 in the US, becoming successful quite quickly. They have quite a few reasons for how they managed to get such fame in such a short amount of time, one of them being the use of the highest quality materials available. The ingredients are all the finest U.S.P Grade Materials, boosting all aspects of the electronic cigarette liquids. These ingredients make them easier to enjoy and just taste better. They may also be healthier to vape than their cheap alternatives. The flavors are much more realistic, resembling the things they taste like in liquid form much more effectively. The flavors are all dessert themed, meaning that almost everyone will enjoy them for their satisfying taste. If you don’t enjoy the large selection of flavors they have, you’re really missing out.

As previously mentioned, all of the different flavors taste like desserts. This means they might taste like ice cream, cereal, candy, really anything that’s sweet. Due to the aforementioned ingredients that are used, these electronic liquids will never overwhelm you with their sweetness. You’ll also never get bored of the way they taste. Every time you take a hit with a vape device, you’ll always get that nice feeling in your mouth and lungs. Your taste buds and sweet tooth will definitely appreciate these great flavors! They’re creamy and will always vaporize nicely, no matter what device you use. Take as big of a hit you like and taste the magic that is Flawless Vape.

Examples of Flavors

As previously mentioned, Flawless Vape is currently one of the best brands in what they do. They create all kinds of different dessert flavors that cater to everyone in their huge audience. Flavors come in different amounts of nicotine, too, usually from 0 to 6mg.

Currently, one of their most popular liquids is the “Game Over”. It mixes two pretty unique flavors in order to make something completely new. When you inhale using this vape juice, you’ll first taste fruit loops. It tastes just like actual fruit loops cereal coming right out of a cereal box into your hands and then your mouth. Afterward, you’ll taste some vanilla ice cream. The ice cream flavor gives the electronic cigarette liquid a nice and creamy feel that makes it much more enjoyable. The liquid is also quite unique due to the fact that it comes in an 80/20 blend, something not that many competitors have used before. Overall, this e-liquid will make you dizzy from how good it tastes.

Another successful liquid is the “Morning Fire”. It’s another quite interesting flavor that incorporates the idea of a breakfast into vape form. While inhaling and exhaling this tasty vapor, you’ll taste raisin bread and butter. It’s like taking in a tasty breakfast every hit! But the awesome part is that it’s much more fun to blow huge clouds and get awesome flavors than it is to eat raisin bread with butter.