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Element E-Juice

Element E-Juice

Element E-Juice is one of the largest brands in the world. They’re currently based in South Florida, selling electronic cigarette liquids to dozens of countries around the world. The e-liquids of Element are quite unique in the sense that the people who work to create the flavors focus on purity. These are some of the best American-made products you’ll find, so make sure you give them a try! They create a gigantic range of different flavors, catering to anyone’s tastes. There’s a vape juice that anybody who vapes can enjoy, all the way from beginners to cloud chasers. The creators of the brand believe that their creations are solid. They’re willing to stand behind the quality of their products due to all of the efforts they put in to make sure the brand is successful. The juices are tasty and very fun to vape with. Buy one bottle today!

The juices that Element makes are awesome for a variety of reasons. First of all, they’re all made in the United States of America. There’s no better way to support your country than to sell great products all over the planet! Another great point is the nicotine. All of it is sourced from major industries in the USA, also adding to the fact that the juices are US products. Just like the nicotine, other ingredients in these fine e-liquids comes from the finest names in the market. They are all high-quality and aren’t cheap. This brand has all of the certification needed to create and sell electronic cigarette liquids, meaning they’re a fair business. They focus on the selling whatever it is the customer wants at the best possible values. The juices are sold in 20mL glass bottles and come with a J-tip dropper that makes it easy to drip.

Element Juice Flavors

Element has a huge selection of different flavors with all kinds of styles. They work on all of their formulas as much as possible to ensure that you will always come back for more when you run out. A good example of one of their creations is the Tobacconist Absinthe Tobacco flavor. It’s a very simple yet interesting one. At first, when you inhale the vapor, you’ll taste a bunch of different tobacco blends. It’ll taste like smoking a fancy cigar, but without all of the negatives that come with smoking actual tobacco. When you exhale, you’ll taste a bit of anise-flavored spirits. It’s a brand new flavor that has an awesome vintage feel.

Another great flavor is the Banana Nut. This one mixes a bunch of cool flavors that surprisingly taste really good together. First, you’ll taste sweet, ripe bananas on your taste buds. These bananas taste perfect and your taste buds and sweet tooth will really enjoy them. Afterward, while exhaling, you’ll taste some caramel with peanuts. You can’t really go anywhere wrong with a flavor like that. All of the different tastes that are developed by Element E-Juice are created to never overwhelm you and never make you bored. Also,  the expensive ingredients make them quite safe for the body to use.