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Cosmic Fog

About Cosmic Fog

The Cosmic Fog company was founded in a sunny, orange county of California. The vapors were created with a mission. It was to craft the only one, most unique and highest quality of e-Liquids this huge vaping world has ever seen. Each e-Liquid flavor should be a new one for you. It should be exciting and at the same time an amazing experience for every user out there.

Flavors development

Cosmic Fog vapors spend a lot of time to create each flavor. As a result, they spend an average of 7-10 months on each e-Liquid flavor. In addition, each vape juice flavor is used by the mixers and founders for weeks after development. And by that, they want to ensure you that it isn’t only blended to perfection, but will also stand the rough test of time by never tiring the tongue. Cosmic Fog vapors believe that if any product is not good enough for them to consider an all-day vape, so it is definitely not even close to good enough for their customers.

Collection of Cosmic Fog e-Liquids

The Cosmic Fog e-Liquids are unique. All of them have different tastes and different experiences. There are few kinds of e-Liquids that you can try out. I will begin with the top rated e-Liquids.

One of them is Sonrise, it has a sweet and savory passion fruit taste with amazingly smooth and exotic kiwi and pineapples. Then there’s a Sonset e-Liquid, it has an amazing blended taste of Japanese Nashi pears and French creme brulee. Milk + Honey I think it says it all, it has a sweet honey and milk taste. Euphoria has a taste of orangey orange, wild berry blue and lemon pieces submerged in milk. Kryp is an original classic candy flavored e-Liquid. It has a sweet and refreshing taste of a melon paired with your favorite candy. Nutz e-Liquid has a taste of sweet and juicy strawberry preserve added with almond butter and whipped honey creme. The Shocker has a tropical taste, it will remind you of summer. It has a shocking taste of strawberry and citrus lemonade.

Collection of Lost Fog e-Liquids

The Lost Fog collection is an amazing one, even though there are only four products of these e-Liquids, they are still all amazing. They taste amazing, and they also smell amazing. You will have the perfect time vaping these Lost Fog e-Liquids. In addition, they are all refreshing and new.

First of all, we will start with Streek. It has an amazing taste of strawberries blended with soft and creamy Greek yogurt. It is the perfect balance of two. Nature’s finest treats. Sweet, savory and in addition, creamy. And also we have Dapple Whip. It tastes like carnival candy apple. Tastes just amazing topped with whipped cream. In addition, there is Neon Cream. It is the new sherbet flavor. Has a taste of orange, raspberry, and lemon-lime all mixed just perfectly. And finally, last but not least we have Baie Creme. A custom blended whipped honey cream, topped with exotic berries. It has the softest, silkiest and smoothest taste of them all.