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Black Note

Black Note is one of the most creative and high-quality e-juice brands you have ever heard about. The idea, the flavors, the quality. Everything is great about this brand! Located in California, Black Note specializes in production tobacco flavor e-juices. They have been working for 3 years to create unique tobacco line of e-liquids. 3 years to make and only 3 seconds to fall in love. That is about Black Note e-juices. They have released tobacco line, which consists of 6 delicious tobacco flavors. Each of them has a musical name – Prelude, Forte, Sonata, Legato, Solo, and Quartet. If you are tired of nasty tobacco flavors or simply want to get something new from tobacco e-juice, then Black Note is a right choice. Each e-juice from their marvelous line has a clear tobacco flavor. A Cavendish tobacco, a Kentucky tobacco, a Latiakia tobacco and others. Any vaper will find a suitable one for enjoyable vaping.

By the way, the main aim of this company was to make a naturally extracted tobacco e-juices, which will taste exactly as actual tobacco. And they have succeeded in it. The quality of Black Note e-liquids is one of the strongest sides of this brand. Natural. It is the key word for describing their quality. The tobacco flavors are naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves with the help of a six-week maceration process. It is one of the best ways to produce great tobacco essences. What is more? Blacknote brand doesn’t contain any harmful chemical additives. Besides, they also do not deal with sweet, color ads. The reason lies in their desire to provide real tobacco flavor without any additional undertones. So, Black Note gives a great opportunity to move from smoking to vaping not refusing your favorite tobacco flavor. Black Note has preserved it for you.

Moreover, Blacknote design is something awesome. Inspired by the music, particularly, the history of saxophone, they have created an amazingly unique design for their line of e-liquids. 30ml bottles come in attractive cylindrical shape packages. The design and the name of each e-juice refer to a musical theme. If you like both music and tobacco, a BlackNote vape juice is a perfect option for you. In sum, having crafted a unique line of rich tobacco flavors, Black Note brand became one of the most favorable by tobacco e-juice lovers. The ideal balance of notes will bring pleasure to your everyday vaping experience. Let your taste buds play with this music inspired tobacco line of e-juices by Black Note.