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Bad Drip

Bad Drip

Bad Drip is one of the most famous American brands of e-juices. These e-juices are classified as premium. BadDrip Labs can boost the high-quality of e-juices. They also guarantee a high degree of purification of constituent components from impurities, bright flavors, and great vaping clouds. So, you can take off and fall through with e-juices by Bad Drip, except you won’t be able to stop.

If you are a vaper, who want to live in pleasure and prefer quality and delicious flavors, then this is for! If you are not, just taste the awesome line of e-juices by BadDrip and your life will change. The main aim of the brand is to give all vapers new and vivid emotions, which they previously did not experience with other e-juices brands.

Bad Drip comes in 6 profiles: Bad Blood, Cereal Trip, Don’t Care Bear, Farley’s Gnarly Sauce, Ugly Butter, Lemon Dead. The flavor profiles consist of unique and exclusive blends.  Each flavor in the line is awesome and unforgettable. Some of them will give you completely new notes of familiar flavors, while others will reveal themselves already fond of fruit mixes. Except for amazing flavor characteristics of the e-juices, this brand ensures a great vapor production. All the e-juices by Bad Drip come with 70/30 VG/PG ratio blend.  Also, BadDrip Labs offer their e-juices with different nicotine levels from 0 to 12.

Moreover, BadDrip e-juices are supplied in a double package. They come in a glass bottle with the squeeze dropper and in a special plastic case. You can buy in a 15ml and 30 ml bottles. There are also wholesale bottles of 120ml without the squeeze dropper.  The bottles have a bright and exclusive design, which instantly attracts the vaper’s eyes.

Bad Drip e-juices are for the dessert flavor lovers, as well as the fruity flavor lovers. So, once you’ve bought Bad Drip e-juice, you will enjoy a long-lasting period of vaping without a need to buy a new one.  Check it out and you will never forget these awesome and crazy e-juices by all loved Bad Drip Labs.