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American Pie E-Juice

As the name suggests, American Pie E-Juice is a brand that makes juices that taste like pies. The flavors are quite sweet but will never overwhelm you. When creating these juices, the brand focused on creating the most spot-on taste so that it felt like you were tasting the actual thing.The brand was seen as very prestigious after releasing just two flavors. I think it’s safe to say that they’re doing something right. A good example of their style of flavors is the Apple Pie. It tastes so good, you will no longer need grandma to bake pies for you! It tastes like everything you’d expect from an apple pie: the apple flavor, the pie crust, and the sugar are all there, giving your taste buds an awesome experience. If you ever feel like you need dessert flavors, you should definitely give American Pie Vape Juice a try!