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Air Factory E-juice

Air Factory E-juice brand is an American e-liquid manufacturer. Based in South California they produce their products to give vapers an opportunity to enjoy vaping in full. Flavor! That is one of the most important aspects when you are searching for an e-juice. Air Factory do all its best to ensure truly delicious flavors. Want to check it? Try any of Air Factory e-juices. By the way, the brand concentrates on sweet flavors production. They have introduced 3 flavors: Blue Razz, Mystery, and Strawberry Kiwi. All of them are inspired by taffy candy flavors. These vape juices are going to fulfill all of your sweet tooth guilty pleasure cravings. Excellent-quality AirFactory e-juices are incredibly delicious Sweet fruity and berry flavors will drive you crazy. For those who are among sweet e-liquid fans, it is a real paradise!

No doubt, Air Factory brand are very good at what they do. Except for amazing flavor characteristics of the e-juices, this brand ensures great vapor production. All the e-juices by Air Factory come with 70/30 VG/PG ratio. That is the reason why vapers have a possibility of thick vapor production. More clouds, more fun. What can be more pleasant? Besides, the e-liquids are very smooth both on the inhale and exhale. You will not feel any throat hit while vaping. Also, AirFactory brand offers their e-juices with different nicotine levels. Thus, you can choose a preferable one for enjoyable vaping. Flavorful dense vapor with suitable nicotine strength is what you will get with e-juice by Air Factory brand. A nice option for all-day vaping. Right?

Another impressive thing about Air Factory brand is design. Wow! You will say it as soon as you see a bottle of e-juice by this American brand. Seems like the best designers have worked for creation such an attractive design. Colorful mysterious images on the bottles look eye-catching. Besides, all e-juices presented by Air Factory come in tamper resistant gorilla unicorn bottles. Convenient and safe. The volume is 100ml. Extremely large! That means that once you have bought this vape juice, you will not have a necessity to buy a new one for a long time. Sounds attractive. Don’t you think so?

All in all, Air factory e-juices stand out from the other thanks to great sweet blends of flavors. This American brand expands the category of sweet e-juices. Candy flavor lovers will appreciate each of Air Factory e-juice. So, if you like to taste sweetness while vaping, hurry up to try the e-liquid by Air Factory brand.