Wick ‘N’ Vape Cotton Bacon V2.0

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Wick ‘N’ Vape Cotton Bacon V2.0

Cotton Bacon is the first wicking material, which has been made by vapers for vapers. They have put all their efforts to produce an excellent quality cotton so that it can enhance your favorite e-liquid flavor. Wicking material plays an important role in providing pleasurable vaping experience. That is why you have to choose a suitable one, which will be good enough to satisfy your vaping needs. So, what can be better than enjoying an amazing vaping? With Wick ‘N’ Vape Cotton Bacon V2.0 it is already possible.

If to speak about the quality, Cotton Bacon is a 100% medical grade cotton. It absorbs well heavy e-juices. So, it can deal with high VG e-juices vaped at high power. What is even more important, Cotton Bacon boasts its cleanness. Wick “N” Vape doesn’t use any harmful ads. No pesticides, no chemicals, no natural oils. That is the reason why vapers don’t need to boil it before using. Besides, there are no difficulties in using Cotton Bacon. There are 10 strips in a package. You can easily adjust thickness and length to your personal preferences. In general, Cotton Bacon is convenient for the on-the-go style of life. You can use it even if you need to rewick on the move.

Moreover, Cotton Bacon has been created to enhance the flavor of your favorite e-juice. This wicking material from Wick “N” Vape provides pure flavor. While vaping you will not taste hints of cotton. In addition, thanks to fast and great wicking and the ability to hold a lot of e-juice it is ideal for RDA usage. No more necessity to rewick the cotton constantly. All in all, Cotton Bacon has set a new standard for wicking materials. So, enjoyable vaping is guaranteed with Cotton Bacon. Be sure to get it and you will see all the benefits of using this wicking material.


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