Von Erl Liquidpod Tabak Menthol Pods

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The Von Erl Liquidpod Tabak Mentol Pods definitely taste great. It’s a flavor that every vaper should try at least once.

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Von Erl Liquidpod Tabak Menthol Pods

The Von Erl Liquidpod Tabak Menthol Pods are refill cartridges that are used in the My. Von Erl Pod Mod System. They’re very easy to replace and come with either 9mg or 18mg of nicotine. If you want a strong hit, buy the 18mg version, but if you prefer a slightly below average hit, buy the 9mg. The flavor itself consists of two common flavors oddly put together. The flavor mixes tobacco and menthol to give you a cold cigarette-like feel. It tastes amazing and is definitely something you may want to try.

The refill pods themselves are very convenient and simple to use. Whenever you’re done with a cartridge, just take it out and insert a new one, very easy. Your purchase will include two of these cartridges, each one with 1.6mL of vape juice. This means that the cartridges themselves are small, which makes it easy to carry a ton of them around. The price is a bit high, but with this kind of flavor, it is definitely worth it! Give it a go and see if it is the flavor you’ve been craving for. Even if it’s not, you’ll still be able to tell your friends and family that you vaped this legendary e-liquid.


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