Vapewild E-juice Soda Sample Pack 60ml

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Vapewild E-juice Soda Sample Pack

Get ready to enjoy your favorite carbonated beverages flavors! Vapewild E-juice Soda Sample Pack offers different soda flavors, which will remind you careless childhood. No doubt, 6 new tasty flavors will impress vapers. Are you a soda lover? If yes, then this pack will fulfill all your preferences. Vapewild E-juice Soda Sample Pack comes with 6 delicious flavors. Among them Cherry Limeade, Cousin’s Brother’s Roommate’s Rootbeer, Cherry Cola, Vanilla Cola, Yellow Dye No. 5 and Orange Drank. 60ml of real pleasure! Are you ready to try?

Let’s say several words about each e-juice from the pack. Cherry Limeade will please you with its refreshing lemon-lime soda flavor. It is accompanied with ripe cherries to make the e-juice taste unusual and delicious. If to speak about Orange drank, it has fizzy orange citrus mix flavor. Rich and delicious. Next, Cousin’s Brother’s Roommate’s Rootbeer. Deep root beer flavor will awaken your taste buds. Moreover, this e-juice implies something extra.

One more e-juice from the pack – Yellow Dye No. 5! This e-juice has sweet and sour lemon-lime flavor. You will adore this bubbly citrus taste. What else? Of course, everyone’s favorite cola. There are even 2 e-juices in the Vape Wild pack with this flavor. Vanilla Cola and Cherry Cola. The first one will cover you with the wave of sweet vanilla cream and crisp bubbly cola. While Cherry Cola will please you with a rich cherry flavor of classic Cola.

All the e-juices are so delicious that you won’t be able to stop vaping! Moreover, Soda Sample Pack offers different nicotine levels and VG/PG ratio of the e-juices. Besides, the price for six 10ml bottles is very nice. In sum, Vape Wild E-juice Soda Sample Pack is a perfect option for soda lovers. Be sure to get it!

Vapewild E-juice Soda Sample Pack 60ml Specs and Features:

  • Bottle Size: 10ml (6 Samples)
  • Flavors: Cherry Limeade, Orange Drank, Cousin’s Brother’s Roommate’s Rootbeer, Vanilla Cola, Cherry Cola, Yellow Dye No. 5!
  • Available Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg
  • VG / PG Ratio: VG 80%+, VG 65% / PG 35%, VG 50% / PG 50%


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20% PG/80% VG, 35% PG/65% VG, 50% PG/50% VG