The Milkman E-Juice 30ml

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The Milkman E-Juice 30ml

When the brand is called The Milkman, it not so difficult to understand that they are making milky and creamy vape juices. And when The Milkman produces an e-liquid with the same name, you should expect a milk bomb. However, it is not the only ingredient of this amazing The Milkman E-Juice vape juice.

The Milkman (brand) is known for making milky high VG concentration e-liquids. It already proved to be one of the top companies because of the high – quality products they release. The Milkman E-Juice (vape juice) is kind of a brand‘s signature juice. Well, it is called the same name. Same as the other The Milkman products, this one tastes pure and realistic. The creamy milk strikes you on the exhale creating a warm setting in your mouth. Toasted fruits come into help when exhaling and fetch in some luscious sweet flavor. All of that is accompanied by a subtle note of pastry which is the last part of a delicious morning vape.

The Milkman E-Juice comes in a 30ml and 120ml bottles with squeeze dropper. It has a unique packaging – vapers will receive a small carton to store their liquid. Nicotine levels to choose from are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. As already mentioned above, The Milkman E-Juice is high VG concentration vape juice most suitable for cloud chasers. It will go down your throat totally velvety. However, because of great taste and huge vapor, it will be loved by everyone.

The Milkman E-Juice summary:

  • Bottle Size: 30ml or 120ml
  • Available Nicotine Levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
  • Flavor Profile: Milk, Cream, Ice Cream, Fruits, Pastry


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