Taffy Man E-Juice Gr8 Ape 30ml

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Heavenly saltwater taffy taste with solid and fresh grapes notes. The combination of these flavors will definitely bring you back to the childhood. Taste that never gets old and always stays classy!

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Taffy Man E-Juice Gr8 Ape 30ml

Taffy Man E-Juice Gr8 Ape is an amazing all-day experience for those who just cannot get enough of that grapey taste. The brand did their best for making those flavors dance together really well. On your inhale first note that comes – a smooth saltwater taste. Right behind, a subtle grape hints are just popping in your mouth, while exhaling every single ingredient mix up and gives that mouthwatering experience. Taffy Man E-Juice Gr8 Ape flavors are not artificial. Grape taste is sweet and delicious yet not too overpowering while saltwater taffy is true, um, salty and real!

Not only the taste but also marketing wise Taffy Man is one step ahead of others. The package design is attractive as always. Glass bottle comes with a little subtle label on and a black child-safe dripper. Well, the design of the box is blowing it out. Solid purple color box (which associates with grapes, right?) with a significant ghost on it. The immediate wish of dipping into it! Gr8 Ape is a perfect choice for these who collects amazing flavors and just love having nice all-day vaping experiences!

Taffy Man came from United States, California. This brand produces a huge variety of high-quality vape juices which contains real and luscious flavors. Delicious flavors and juices are made in limited batches for locking those amazing tastes in. Use with caution!

Taffy Man E-Juice Gr8 Ape summary:

  •  Flavors profile: Grapes, Saltwater Taffy
    •    Nicotine levels: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG, 12MG
    •    Bottle sizes: 30ML
    •    PG/VG Ratio: 30/70



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30% PG/70% VG