Kangertech VOCC-T Coil

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The Kangertech VOCC-T Coil has probably the largest compatibility list ever!

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Kangertech VOCC-T Coil

The Kangertech VOCC-T Coil are an updated version of the previous VOCC coils, gaining new compatibility with certain devices. These are compatible with a huge number of tanks, maybe even more than any other vaping atomizer head in history. It can be used with the Aerotech, Protank 3, EVOD 2, T3D. EVOD Glass, Genitank, and Toptank. It can also be used in many of the different variants of these, including the Toptank EVOD, Mini Protank 3, and much more. In order to keep the flavor fresh, don’t forget to switch out the coil every few weeks. You’ll be getting great vapor production and flavor no matter what tank this coil is used in.

Additional information

Coil Resistance

1.2 ohm, 1.5 ohm, 1.8 ohm

Coil Types


Works With

Kangertech EMOW Tank, Kangertech Evod Tank, Kangertech Toptank EMOW, Kangertech TopTank Evod


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