Horizon Tech Krixus Heating Element

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Horizon Tech Krixus Heating Element

Durable rebuildable ceramic Horizon Tech Krixus Heating Element for the Krixus tank. This is a game changer for the way of vaping. The heating element is made of Tungsten and the medical ceramic. This is one of the best ways to vape today as ceramic is being already used in our lives at high temperatures, for example, in  cooking. It’s being used in knives and other tools used in the kitchen which proves the positive side of it.

Tungsten wire inside of this element is going to change its resistance accordingly to the temperature: when the temperature rises, resistance will increase and will go down when the temperature drops.

For rewicking your Krixus heating element, cut your cotton pad in 8mm width and 45mm length. Add some liquid on the cotton pad for an easier process while wrapping it around the heating element.

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Additional information

Coil Resistance

0.3 ohm

Coil Types

Ceramic Coil

Works With

Horizon Tech Krixus


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