Aqua Marina Vape Pure 60ml

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Aqua Marina Vape


Aqua Marina Vape Pure 60ml

A lot of various e-juice brands can’t give you these refreshing and wonderful fruit flavors. It’s quite hard, isn’t it? Therefore, Marine Vape created Aqua line of e-juices. They are so fresh, cooling, fruity… a lot of pleasant words you can say after vaping this e-juices. So, Aqua is glad to present you one of the most amazing and tempting premium e-juices of that line – Aqua Marina Vape Pure. It consists of a truly pure fruity blend of fresh and ripe strawberry, sweet but at the same time tart apple and rich watermelon. What’s a pleasant sunny atmosphere with this awesome and incredibly delicious flavor!

While you’re vaping Aqua Marina Vape Pure e-juice, you can enjoy and feel a fragrant strawberry flavor on the inhale, which pleasantly running into subtle notes of fresh, sweet apples and juicy watermelon on the exhale. Aqua provides that you will get a refreshing and incredibly delicious fruit aftertaste. You can vape Pure e-juice all day long and you will want more.

Moreover, it comes only in a 60ml bottle with a dropper, which has a perfect size to make it easy to fill your tank. It is available in a various level of nicotine strength. You can select 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. In addition, Aqua Marina Vape Pure e-juice has Max VG. So, you’re going to get a strong flavor and it provides thick, enormous vapor clouds. This amazing e-juice has a delicate smooth throat hit.

So, if you are a vaper who likes a fruity flavor e-juice, then this one is special for you. Pure e-juice by Aqua Marina Vape will take the first place among your favorite fruity flavors. Check it out!

Aqua Marina Vape Pure 60ml Specs and Features:

Bottle Size: 60ml

Dropper in Bottle

Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Apple & Watermelon

VG / PG Ratio: Max VG

Available Nicotine Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Made in the USA

Additional information

Bottle Size



20% PG/80% VG


Berry, Fruit


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