Nitecore UI2 Charger

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The UI2 charger by Nitecore features a USB-input with automatic adoption for the optimal charging modes.

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Nitecore UI2 Charger Features

This charger offers 800mA single slot max charging and supports low current charging below 2.9V. The UI2 is suitable for 3.6/3.7V rechargeable Li-ion batteries. It is possible to charge 2 batteries simultaneously and have independent control of each one. There are two indicators that show the power level of each battery. With the U12 charger, vapers can charge batteries of different sizes. Safety features protect the device while using.

Thanks to a lightweight and portable design, this charger is suitable for on-the-go using. As for construction, the U12 is made from PC materials which are durable and fire-retardant. A micro-USB port helps to have endless power supply when you are out of home and need to charge your batteries. All in all, the UI2 charger by Nitecore will charge your batteries safely and wherever you are because of its functionality and portability.

Nitecore UI2 Charger Specs

  • Max Charging Current: 800mA
  • Intelligent Charging Mode Selection (CC and CV)
  • Large-Sized Batteries Support
  • Micro-USB Port
  • Real-Time Battery Level Indicators


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