MyJet Unfilled Pods X5 (Replacement)

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The MyJet Unfilled Pods X5 (Replacement) are meant for the MyJet system. Purchase these if you need to carry around more juice with your device.

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MyJet Unfilled Pods X5 (Replacement)

The MyJet Unfilled Pods X5 (Replacement) is a great purchase for you if you own the MyJet system. Whether you lost your vape pods or want a collection, this purchase will work. Instead of having to fill a tank in the MyJet, the user just needs to insert a pod onto the top. This makes it quicker to get juice into your device and leaves more time to vape. Each pod can hold up to 1.2mL of vape juice. With five of them, that’s 6mL. Each cartridge utilizes a 28 gauge Kanthal coil with seven wraps and a horizontal orientation to provide the user with an amazing experience. Combined with cotton wicking, the coil brings tons of flavor while also keeping everything smooth. The experience is clean, and using the pods is very convenient if you’re clumsy.

The coils output in 1.3 ohms, which is great for vapor production while also keeping tons of flavor. Also, in order to keep the system running smoothly, these pods have a gold plated connection. The gold is an excellent conductor and only makes your experience that much better. If you’re interested in what these pods can provide for you, make sure you have a MyJet system and make the purchase!


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