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Kwit Stick


Sweet Tobacco Pods

Kwit Stick Sweet Tobacco Pods are manufactured to bring you enjoyment while vaping utilizing the Kwit Stick Starter kit. These pods come pre-filled with 1ml of e-juice but also support refilling. It is possible to refill the pod up to 2 times. The e-juice used for these pods is made with a nicotine salt formula. Each pos features 50mg nicotine strength and has a 1.8ohm resistance. Sweet Tobacco Pods offer a delightful tobacco flavor. With each inhale and exhale you will enjoy a little bit sweetened tobacco taste. If you are among those vapers who prefer traditional flavors, then Kwit Stick Sweet Tobacco Pods will be a good option for you. These replacement pods are manufactured especially for use with the Kwit Stick Starter Kit and ensure a satisfying vaping experience for vapers particularly tobacco flavor fans. A pack of these pods contains 4 pieces.

Mango Tango Pods

Searching for an easy way to pamper yourself with an exotic fruit flavor? If yes, then Kwit Stick Mango Tango Pods worth trying. These replacement pods are manufactured to deliver a delicious fruit flavor that will touch every your taste bud. From the inhale to the exhale you will enjoy rich sweet mango flavor. Each pod features 1ml e-liquid capacity. What is special, they come pre-filled with the e-juice but also support refilling. You can refill the pod up to 2 times. Mango Tango Pods have 1.8ohm coil resistance and are suitable for use with the Kwit Stick Starter kit. They are made with a nicotine salt base. The nicotine strength level is 50mg. It is possible to buy Kwit Stick Mango Tango Pods in a pack of 4. In case you are passionate about mango, these pods will be a perfect choice to have a pleasurable vaping experience.

Mountain Mint Flavored Pods

Get a mind-blowing icy vaping experience with Kwit Stick Mountain Mint Pods crafted especially for vapers who prefer cooling flavors! While vaping your mouth will be fulfilled with a delicious mint flavor creating a relaxing feeling. These pods come pre-filled with 1ml of vape juice and at the same time offer an opportunity for future refills – up to two times. Kwit Stick Mountain Mint Pods have a nicotine salt base and contain 5% of nicotine by weight. The coil resistance is 1.8ohm. Produced for use with the Kwit Stick Starter Kit, these pods come in a pack of 4. You will enjoy a refreshing mint taste with every single puff! Be sure to try Mountain Mint Pods.

Wild Watermelon Pods

For those who like refreshing fruity flavors there is a delightful offer from Kwit Stick brand. Kwit Stick Wild Watermelon Pods are created to bring the atmosphere of summer with its mouth-watering fruity tastes. While vaping you will get a sweet succulent watermelon flavor that will awaken your taste buds. Each pod has 1.8ohm resistance and is capable of holding 1ml of e-juice. It comes pre-filled but there is also a possibility for refilling. These pods support up to two refills. As for the nicotine strength, the Kwit Stick Wild Watermelon Pods are nicotine salt based and feature 5% of nicotine by weight. Vapers can use these pods with the Kwit Stick Starter Kit for which they were specially manufactured. On the market these pods are sold in a pack of 4. In short, if you are thinking about a fruity refreshing flavor for a pleasurable daily vaping experience, Kwit Stick Wild Watermelon Pods is what you need to get satisfied!


Kwit Stick Pre-filled Pods Specs and Features:

  • Flavors: Sweet Tobacco, Mango Tango, Mountain Mint, Wild Watermelon
  • Nicotine Salt: 50mg
  • 1.8ohm Ohm Resistance
  • 1ml e-Juice Capacity
  • Manufactured for the Kwit Stick Starter Kit


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