Juul Virginia Tobacco Pods

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Juul Virginia Tobacco Pods are the most popular amongst vapers making the switch from tobacco products

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Juul Virginia Tobacco Pods

For all tobacco flavor lovers, there is a nice option to try. One of classic tobacco flavors you can get with Juul Virginia Tobacco pods. While vaping you will enjoy rich Virginia tobacco taste. It is of the most beloved tobacco flavors among vapers. Best seller! If you are an ex-smoker, Juul Virginia Tobacco pods will help you to make an easy shift to vaping.

The vape pods by Juul come with 0.7ml inside and 5% nicotine by weight. You can get up to 200 puffs from each pod. 200 puffs of astonishing Virginia tobacco flavor. By the way, in a package, there are 4 pieces. Besides, Juul refill cartridges boast not only delicious flavor but also simplicity in use. It is no less important, right? So, these pods suit the Juul Starter kit. To use them you will need to insert them into the vape mod. No mess, no spillage. Easy and convenient in use they will ensure pleasurable vaping. In sum, is you are a fan of tobacco, Juul Virginia Tobacco pods is a must-try!

Juul Virginia Tobacco Pods Specs and Features:

  • 0.7ml of Pre-Filled e-Liquid
  • 5% Nicotine by Weight
  • About 200 Puffs from Each Pod
  • Flavor: Virginia Tobacco
  • Quantity: 4 Pods per Package

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